From Dragon To Rabbit (I’m Finally Accepting It)

All my life I thought I was a Dragon.

All my life I thought I was born under the Year of the Dragon πŸ‰, until someone popped that bubble thought 8 years ago… She told me that Chinese New Year starts mid-February, and since I was born on the month of January, I’m a Rabbit πŸ‡. I told myself, that “probably” make sense because I never felt I am a born leader (one of the characteristics of people born under the Year of the Dragon) but at the same time, I was in denial. I chose to ignore what she told me, and just go on with my life. Though, I have to admit that from the moment she told me about that, which was really funny, ’cause it’s supposed to be obvious (Chinese/Lunar New Year is celebrated on month of February); every time someone asked what year I was born, “1988“, and they would quickly say,”Oh! So you’re a dragon, matapang ka pala (you’re brave)!)”, in my mind I wanted to correct them, but again, I was in denial… I embraced my “Dragon side” for so long…

Not until today. Yes, princess! After 8 years of denial, I finally made an effort to researched about my actual birth date! I… Am.. Indeed a Rabbit!

But whether I am a Rabbit or a Dragon, I am forever in love with not just our dogs, but all the dogs in the world…πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž In this collage: Mambo πŸ•, baby Dutchess 🍦 and the youngest on our bunch, baby Peachy πŸ‘.

To the first and last site I visited today, I feel like a big part of the Rabbit characteristics REALLY describe myself… Of course, I also visited the Dragon site, and I still found myself thinking that hey, there’s a roaring Dragon inside me, too! Of course I ain’t gon’ tell you what are the characteristics of the Rabbit (under the element of Fire πŸ”₯ to be precise) and the Dragon that best describes myself, HAHAHA! It’s for you to find out… If you’re my friend, I think you would really see me as a delicate Rabbit and not as a noble Dragon (UGH! Dragons are noble, that’s SO unfair, hehehe!)… But if you’re more than just a friend, if you’re reading this, please private message me if you think I am more than a Rabbit or more than a Dragon in your eyes, I would really love to know!

Wait… You might think I am obsessed with signs and symbols, right? Well, princess, I kind of am (when I was still a student, I thought I can be an astrologer or even a clairvoyant if destiny permits, ssshh!), but that doesn’t mean I judge humans according to their either Chinese zodiac signs or their Western astrological signs.

At the end of the day, it’s how they treat me and the people around them that make me think that this person is good or not (although of course, I am NOT in the position to say that, no one is.)

Signs and symbols are just guide, and it’s up to you if you want to be the same person the description of whatever symbol says about you, or just hand-pick what you know you can be, and leave what you think is not you, or is not appropriate for you. According to the site I visited today,”But even though they are popular and loved by their friends and family, rabbit people are also pessimistic. They are also conservative and insecure, and that explains why most of them don’t like changes.” Right now, I want to omit my tendency to see the worst in everything, I wish and I pray to #pinkpositive (THINK POSITIVE) especially it’s a whole New Year and a whole New Age for me.πŸ•’πŸ•›

πŸΆπŸ•πŸ©πŸΊπŸ¦ŠMy latest IG post.πŸ¦ŠπŸΊπŸ©πŸ•πŸΆ

On the side note, My Dear partner was born under the Year of the Dragon, under the Earth πŸŒ‹ element and according to the mentioned Chinese Astrology site, our signs are a good team πŸ²πŸ’˜πŸ°, no wonder…^^

Tell me what month and year you are born, and do you think that whatever they say about your sign or symbol matches your personality?


On the other hand, I wish I was a Dog, too. HihiΓΌ

Kung Hei PAW Choi,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

^Sources (a/k/a Footnotes 🐾) – kindly click the underlined text above.

^^Photo credits πŸ“Έ: Sanrio Lunar New Year Cute Dogs


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One thought on “From Dragon To Rabbit (I’m Finally Accepting It)

  1. Haha struggle is real for ” babies! I thought I was an Ox, but I’m actually a Rat!
    I didn’t like it first, because Ox is more intimidating hahaha! But eventually I accepted it and learned that I do have a Rat’s characteristics.
    As for the astrology, Capricorns are said to be compatible with Virgos (that was the crazy and bad relationship I used to be in). Leos are said to be the one of the least compatible to Capricorns, but Guil and I have never been happier ❀

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