The Difference Between BB Cream And CC Cream (Featuring SanSan Cosmetics)

SanSan Cosmetics BB Cream And CC Cream Review (Side By Side Face Off!)

Before I start this review, let me just say how much I MISS BLOGGING! I really do! My last post was over a month now and I feel sad about not posting here… I am deeply sorry. Next time I promise to bring my Eggpie (my laptop) if I know I’ll be outside for long, so I can blog whenever, wherever. I miss you!😘😘😘

So… Let’s get started by defining BB and CC creams. BB Cream stands for either B-eauty B-alm or B-lemish B-alm cream, which basically hides your blemish upon application, it’s lighter than most of the foundations, in texture and even the effect it gives because BB cream is as good as whitening products. I noticed that all the BB creams I see in the market contains SPF. CC cream stands for either C-olour C-ontrol or C-olour C-orrecting cream, it’s basically correcting the colours like redness, or yellow-ness, or grey-ness of your face. It even outs your skin making it a good makeup base. Between the two, based on my friends and other people I know, the BB cream is more in demand than the CC cream because of the many benefits BB cream gives (especially the whitening part). Both are popular in South Korea (where the BB and CC creams started), and because Filipinos are a big fan of K-Pop and K-Dramas, it’s no surprise that BB and CC creams are popular here as well. BB and CC creams also “invaded” the Western part of the world, so the competition of these creams are really tough that even our country decided to have our own BB and CC creams!

Today, it’ll be a battle between the two, the brand I have is budget-friendly, it’s the San San Cosmetics (H.D. Hortaleza, M.D. of HBC Store) BB and CC Creams, because I think it would be less difficult to compare two different products under one name.

*NOTE that 1.) I have a combination to oily and acne-prone skin, with little bumps and blemishes here and there, most especially in my chin. 2.) I believe I have neutral skin tone with redness if I am not wearing makeup and 3.) I used a loose setting powder all over my face after my BB and CC creams application side by side (to compare them really well); but I’ve been using them many times before I put ’em side by side (FACE OFF) in one day for my final update.


– Packaging (except the colour, and though their CC Cream don’t have the weight info, I believe both weighs around 30 mL)

– Contains vitamins A, C and E., beeswax, hyaluronic acid nd anti-oxidants.

– Actually, upon checking ALL THE INGREDIENTS ARE THE SAME! No less, no more! WHAAAAATTT?!? (See for yourself, photo below.)

– Made in P.R.O.C. (P-eople’s R-epublic O-f C-hina)

– Easy to blend.

– The regular cosmetic smell, which is not strong.

– I say medium to (tada!) heavy. So yes, I think if you have minimal bumps and blemishes on your skin, you won’t be needing a concealer for this (yay!).

– Once you have both in your face, you’ll feel that you’re wearing makeup, it’s almost like a foundation-feel to me.

– Longevity (up to 3 hours with no retouch, after 3 hours, oiliness on your T-zone is already visible).

– White cast due to SPF.

– It melts after 4-6 hours for the oozing hot weather of the Philippines, the kind of melt as if you’re wearing a mask and it’s about to take off so a good transluscent powder after their BB or CC creams is a must to set your face.


– Their BB Cream has SPF 45, while their CC Cream has SPF 30. Meaning, the protection of their BB cream under the sun is longer when it comes to time.

– As mentioned already, the packaging colour differs but both are with pump so it’s easy to control the amount of product to be used.

– Their BB cream has two shades to choose from (natural and beige), while their CC cream has only one shade (makes sense because it’s a colour corrector cream anyway).

– Their BB cream is liquidy, while their CC cream is thicker and less liquidy.

– Surprisingly, the CC cream is whiter on my skin as compared to the BB cream!

*NOT in this blog: The exact price of the SanSan BB cream because I lost the receipt (huhuhu!), I bought them in different month, however I have a post on the price of the SanSan CC cream which is 190.00PHP (or 3.763 USD as of this blog entry). So most likely, since both have THE SAME INGREDIENTS, the BB cream’s price is also the same.

Moisturizer + (L) BB Cream & (R) CC Cream

Now with loose powder to set the creams on, blush on and of course, kilay!!!β™₯️

His Pouting Princess Add-Ons:

If you’re looking for an affordable BB or CC cream for your face, this is definitely a good buy. BUT I gotta be honest that their CC cream is more like a foundation to me than a CC cream, it’s too heavy for my liking (and the only shade is greyish, too!). Personally, I am not a big fan of foundation kasi. So when I tried their SanSan BB Cream (this time with no expectation), I have likened it more than their CC cream because their BB cream is looking more natural on my face than their CC cream. Eventhough both are easy to blend, the BB cream is easier to spread all over my face and neck. I do love that my blush and bronze can still be seen even if their BB and CC creams starts to melt. I recommend that you use either of the two only if you will not be battling with the heat (i.e. airconditioned room so you won’t sweat).

With flash πŸ“Έ, after 8 hours, NO retouch. (Sobrang hindi gitna yung hati, WHOOPSIE!😱😱😱)

Can’t tell the difference even in my oil control sheet! They’re almost even.

His Pouting Princess Realization/s:
I went back to their list of ingredients and I’m still shocked that they have the exact lists (I even asked My Dear β™₯️ to check just to be triple sure)! Next time I’ll check ALL the ingredients before I try to compare them, because it’s really crazy how their products are (or should be) different when they have the same ingredients anyway. Okay, maybe they have different amount of each ingredients, but maybe it’s better to put the percentage of some (if not all) the ingredients so to avoid confusion between the two, right?

His Pouting Princess Rate:

⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 for SanSan BB Cream

⭐️⭐️/5 for SanSan CC Cream

His Pouting Princess Ask/s:

Have you tried them (even if you used different brand)? Are you Team BB Cream or Team CC Cream??

How do you like this new approach in my makeup review? Did you even notice it?? Hehehe! Lem’me know and see you again soonest!


His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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3 thoughts on “The Difference Between BB Cream And CC Cream (Featuring SanSan Cosmetics)

  1. Great review! Pero medyo napagpalit mo yata ung conversion, sissie. More or less 3 USD lang dapat. Hihi! Ang mahal kapag 3k USD. 😘
    I think I want to try their BB Cream. Thanks for this very detailed post!πŸ’œ

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