MeNow Pro Powdery Matte KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review

MeNow Pro Powdery Matte KISS PROOF Soft Lipstick Review
I think this is my first ever lipstick that claims it is “kiss proof.” Hmn… We’ll see about that. The box says that it is part of Generation II, part of MeNow New Series. I don’t have any of their first generation to compare it with though.

Comes with a black and pink box. The lipstick looks like a colour pen (like the Revlon and SanSan jumbo lipstick ones, except this ain’t jumbo in size).

More or less 100PHP.

Suprisingly, the weight is not indicated neither in the box nor in the lipstick tube but; it’s about one span of your hand.



Shade: 009

Light to medium only (at least for the colour I’ve got).


Smells: Nothing to colour (like Crayola) – like smell, but only mild. You wouldn’t smell it unless you stick your nose near the lipstick right from the tube.


Feels/Texture: Soft and light.


Application: Easy to slide on your lips just make sure your lips doesn’t have any residues (like your lip balm or the food you just ate, I wipe it with a clean tissue before I glide the meNow lipstick).


Photo Sample/s:

Longevity: Although yes, it’s kiss proof, the lipstick transfers if it’s gotten wet (i.e. when you eat or drink). About 10 hours, that is without drinking or eating. Must re-apply every after eating oily food.


Final Words: First of all, I love the shade, it’s more on a pinkish side but can also be mistaken as nude. So it’s safe to say it’s a nude pink and I think it’s perfect for summer (and spring!), if you want your lips to appear matte but still feels soft and like nothing in your lips. It’s not drying, looks to me like a powder matte kind of finish; and it sure can make your pouty lips appear aLa Kylie’s! For a usually dry lips like mine, but loves matte more than any other kinds of lip colour, this is a perfect go-to lipstick for me.


His Pouting Princess Realization: Ah, I already realized this before, affordable products are definitely Β worth the try. This is a must-try, baby! πŸ˜‰


His Pouting Princess Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


His Pouting Princess Ask/s: Any other kiss proof lipstick you could recommend? πŸ™‚



His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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