Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit Review (Powder and Wax)

AVON Perfect Eyebrow Kit Review (back to back with) AVON One Great Mascara

Happy Easter Sunday for some of us, while for some, it’s already a normal Monday, like here in the Philippines.

Today, I’ll share with you my two-day experience with Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit and Avon One Great Mascara, but I’m going to start with their eyebrow kit because as they all say,kilay is life” (eyebrow is life).

Packaging: Is so pretty! It’s a simple, straight to the point black compact, with a button that you need to press before you can open it (child lock system, huh?) and it comes in a box by the way. Inside the compact you’ll see the wax and the brow powder and it comes with a dual-ended brow brush.

Price: 339PHP (or 6.84USD as of 17 April 2017)
Weight: 1.3 g for the eyebrow powder, 1.0 g for the eyebrow wax
Shade: Deep Brown (they have four shades, the other three are Blonde, Auburn and Soft Brown but in the Philippines, only the browns are available)
Coverage: Medium to Heavy/Dark
Smells: I don’t smell anything =)
Feels/Texture: The eyebrow powder is smooth but a bit (just a bit) powdery. The eyebrow wax is not too waxy.


Wax is invisible. Powder is pigmented.

L: A strand from the brush fell (you may zoom it in); R: A bit powdery but you can still use the powder that goes off from the palette.

The wax didn’t really do much for my eyebrows because I have a very short and thin pair of brows, you won’t really see the difference of before and after the application of it, whether in photo or in person. The eyebrow powder is easy to spread and blend. BUT it’s a bit tiring to control the brush the first time I used it, the size doesn’t fit my grip, I guess.

Photo Sample/s:

Before (mini) and after (large), you can definitely see the difference a “kilay” makes πŸ˜‰


Day 1 with Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit. (Bottom photo: after 10 hours)

It lasts long. I used it inside home, and outside the next day. It can last you up to 10 hours (that’s the most I have it in my brows, needed to remove it before I sleep, so…. The hours could be more).

Day 2 with Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit. (Top: After just an hour, Middle: After 3-4 hours, Bottom: After 9-10 hours –still on point. No scratching and no touch.)

Final Words:

I like it the second time I used it, I forgot how difficult it was for me the first time I used the dual-ended brush. The pigmentation is just right, especially the shade Deep Brown is really brown, perfect for my natural black hair. I just don’t know where the wax that comes with it will take my brows. They are long lasting when combined, but not transfer-proof, so you better stop touching your brows if you don’t want the products to move. All in all, I like the eyebrow powder, and 50/50 for the wax (oops!).

If you’re fine with a single colour for your brows, this would do for you. Just make sure that the eyebrow shade you’ll pick goes along with your hair colour. I have another eyebrow powder with two colours in it, so I can play with the shades (Essence Eyebrow Set – review soon). But, again, I like the colour that I chose so I don’t ave a problem with this single shade.

Next: Avon One Great Mascara πŸ‘πŸ»

His Pouting Princess Realization:

I know I said that I like it many time already, but I still prefer an eyebrow pencil for my brows, because I can control the pencil even more than a powder.

His Pouting Princess Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2 /5

His Pouting Princess Ask/s:

How’s your friendship with an eyebrow wax? πŸ™‚


πŸ₯‚ Cheers to more blogs this quarter 🍻,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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