Are You Natasha Beauty Or Avon Simply Pretty (Battle Of CLEAR Mascara!) ?

Are You Natasha Beauty Or Avon Simply Pretty (Battle Of CLEAR Mascara!) Gal?


…Or it’s supposed to be mascaraS? 😻 Anyway, it’s been awhile since the last time I tested two makeup products and compare them side by side, only this time, I tried them not just for one whole day, but two days in a row so I could maximize their use somehow. So here are my thoughts…


Natasha Beauty clear mascara comes with a box, which I immediately thought awesome because I could read the ingredients (not that I am meticulous about it) and other information I needed to know about their product. Inside, is a straight to the point clear tube with black cap (the information is also in the tube).


Avon Simply Pretty clear mascara comes with no box, just the tube covered with a pink plastic where the ingredients and other information are written — you can hardly read them, and if you’re not careful on opening the plastic, you will lose the possibility to read the information clearly, like what happened to me. the tube, now without the plastic, only contains the info of the manufacture and net weight and the name of the mascara. It has a cute pink cap with a fuschia pink to violet lining and a clear body as well.


I prefer it with a box, of course.



Natasha Beauty Crystal Glam Clear Mascara (140PHP)

Avon Simply Pretty Clear Mascara (180PHP)

Natasha Beauty – 10ml

Avon Simply Pretty  –  8g

Both clear/colourless.


Natasha Beauty – right from the tube smells like a glue, but once you put it on your eyelashes or eyebrows, you can no longer smell it.

Avon Simply Pretty – like a combination of a glue and a nail polish, there’s a bit kick on it, but like the Natasha Beauty clear mascara, you can no longer smell it once you use it.

NONE, except when you first applied it (on your eyebrows, initially you’ll feel a bit of coolness in your eyebrows on the first few seconds only). I, however, noticed that the Natasha Beauty has a bit of gel that you need to spread evenly on your brows and lashes, too. The Avon Simply Pretty clear mascara on the other hand, I could hardly get a product from the tube, as if it’s almost dry right then and there.


Both have a similar size and bristles (more like a cleaning brush, only i mini size). Both were supposed to be easy to use, and since they’re clear, you will not mess up with them; but I find thes two hard to apply because I could hardly see a difference between my eyelashes without and with both the clear mascaras…=(

Photo Sample/s:

Day 1: I didn’t use eyelash curler and I also put clear mascara on my eyebrows here.

But on the eyebrows, I noticed that my brows were tamed instantly with the Natasha Beauty clear mascara; but no result in the Avon Simply Pretty clear mascara, I sure feel that there is something on my brows, but couldn’t really see a major change.

Day 2: I still put some on my eyebrows, too (and yes, I have a very, berry LOL thin brows!)


For the eyelashes – N/A -Again, I see no difference on the before and after.

For the eyebrows – Natasha Beauty is 👍🏻, Avon Simply Pretty is 👎🏻.

The gel-based clear mascara of Natasha Beauty was pretty obvious in this collage.ö

Final Word:

I guess you already know that the Natasha Beauty Crystal Glam Clear Mascara wins this category.
His Pouting Princess Realization:

It’s the best time to think of ways on how or where else I can use these clear mascaras, I actually kind of regretting buying them in all honesty, because it didn’t do anything special on my eyebrows (well, a bit with Natasha Beauty), especially, it didn’t do anything at all on my eyelashes (both of ’em)… #realtalk


It probably suit to teenagers, since it’s clear, and if you already have full brows and thick, long lashes; but if you have the same eyebrows and eyelashes like mine, this won’t work for you.
His Pouting Princess Rate:

Natasha Beauty Crystal Glam Clear Mascara – 3/5

Avon Simply Pretty Clear Mascara – 1.5/5 (Don’t hate me, the over all look of the tube is cute though, best for youngster and to those feeling young at heart like me).

His Pouting Princess Ask/s:

Maybe you know a clear mascara that works magic on your eyelashes?😺 Let me know what, I might check it out! Thanks!


A bit sad 😿,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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