About Blogging… (Dos Parte)

I am torn between “why was I missing in action?” and “unopened makeup (and one skin care) products” title for this blog… So I thought why NOT just put the two topics altogether? Title, is still under construction as I start this…

So anyways, I am always MIA when it comes to blogging world because of many reasons. Mainly because of my personal commitments in life and some because of my work. Quite sadly though, I couldn’t manage my time very well so I, most of the freaking time, am posting less than enough here in my www.hispoutingprincess.wordpress.com account. I remember I toldy myself that I will post at least one blog a week here, be it about makeup and beauty, or maybe a movie (I love watching classic movies!), or anything and everything that I could think of right at whatever moment I maybe in… Too bad I’m so bad at it.😕🙁☹️

I know I have a blog that says:


Check the full blog here ABOUT BLOGGING… ▶http://https/hispoutingprincess.wordpress.com/2016/10/03/about-blogging/

I did said that but at the same time, right now, I feel like I wanted to commit myself to blogging weekly… Or at least keep blogging until I am done with these unopened products (some has been with me for almost a year already and they are remained untouched! WHUT?!?) — They’re inside the tote bag (see featured image of this post) and this bronze bag:

Fun Fact: This large pouch has been with me for more than a decade already! Read: Im’ma vintage soul, ‘ya know! 😉



Unboxing (unpacking) of LOL Cosmetics, you can watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYwVg9kwmB0 💚

So yeah, those are the makeup products I am about to review, I won’t be reviewing all of them but, most I definitely will (I will start with my favourite: mascara/s  👀)…



So help me, God.

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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