Vlog Turned Blog (First Impressions And Review Of Laura Mercier’s Products)

I was really excited about reviewing the Laura Mercier’s products on my YouTube channel, I really thought it was the best moment to do so (I just felt it), I also thought that I have to do it now… OR NEVER. Not only because I always wanted to try new products from different brands (especially a brand or a product that everyone raves about, you know Laura mercier’s translucent loose setting powder is a bomb), but also because I know it’ll be a new challenge to me, and a new challenge means a new step for me to take… It’ll be a new level for me, and I wanted that so bad that it ended up… NA-AH…


So I was able to shoot my ”First Impressions And Review” for Laura Mercier products, princess, I even finished editing the entire clips; but the day I was supposed to upload it… I couldn’t even watched everything because I just know in my heart, nope, that is not the kind of video I myself would enjoy watching. I felt there was something OFF on my video. Was it the way I share my experience with it (I think I was not able to express myself compared to how I review here), or how the camera focused and unfocused (as if it has its own crazy mood swings), or the bad lighting, or my bad makeup, or my bad skin or ALL OF THE ABOVE????? Ugh. Maybe all.

So I am making this blog, because I decided as of now, it’s better this way. I am not saying I wouldn’t try to shoot a review for my YouTube channel again, of course I will continue trying! However, as I’ve said, I JUST KNOW IN MY HEART, that it is not the kind of video I myself would enjoy watching. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching reviews of other YouTubers for sure, I think they’re awesome and they’re good in what they do; mine was just a big blah, so I’ll just blog the whole thing right now.


Check each link that will lead you to all my Laura Mercier’s new product reviews:

1.) Laura Mercier FOUNDATION PRIMER (Oil-Free)

2.) Laura Mercier LOOSE SETTING POWDER (Tranluscent) & their Powder Puff, too!

3.) Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour (Cocoa Pout)


And tell me if you have tried any of these products, or any other Laura Mercier products! I also have their Mineral Cheek Powder in Coral, and maybe I can also do a separate review for that, but as of now, let me just focus on these three new makeup I’ve got from the Rustan’s Philippines in celebration of Laura Mercier’s 20th Anniversary, and a BIG SHOUTOUT to Mauve Lovelle (she’s also in YouTube and in Instagram) because of her, I was able to have three of Laura Mercier’s products! She joined a contest care of Rustan’s Makati and Laura Mercier, she won (congratulations!!!!) and two of her friends she tagged also got a chance to receive three makeup of Laura Mercier, and yep, I am one of the lucky two!!!β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’š Yay! Thank you, Mauve Lovelle! Go check her entry here!!!


Prt Scr of my supposedly video:






All the love,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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