Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Oil-Free Review

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (Oil-Free)

Designed especially to those who have sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin (I could now officially say I am all of the above), it’s supposed to make your foundation lasts longer, and it contains vitamins as well. It’s dermatologist tested. It’s non-comedogenic, meaning it can also act as a skin-care product and not just a primer alone. It’s lightweight and water-based gel.

Packaging: Comes in a grayish, brownish box (a unique colour I would say!), the same colour goes to its 50.0 mL plastic tube. I think its sleek and straight to the point and I like it. It’s also travel-friendly since it’s just a plastic tube.

Price: 1,700-1,750PH (the price sticker was a little blurry on my copy) or around *33.85-34.84US $

Size: 50.0 mL / 1.7 FL. OZ.



A mix of a normal lotion and a plastic or a glue.

Feels: Greasy only at first.

Thick consistency with a bit of liquid (it’s like an oil, but since it’s oil-free, I will describe it as like a water) in it, so you better shake it first before you use it.

Easy and smooth with a bit of stickiness feel at first, but the primer will eventually be absorbed by your face in a minute or two. Afterwards, you will see a dewy effect on your skin, but that dewy look will eventually be covered up with whatever face product you will put over it.

Longevity: Lasts the whole day for sure!

Final Words:
It’s expensive, I can only tolerate a single makeup product up to 1,000PHP (roughly 20US $). If a product like this is this expensive, I would have wish it has SPF at least. At first, I HATE IT if I will compare it to my primer corrector from Essence (it’s the only primer I have as of the moment so I could only compare it to it), in my mind I was fortunate that I didn’t buy it or else everyday I will regret it but; each time I use it and after I get the “technique” on how to use it (a/k/a the amount I should put on my face), I started liking it… But not to the point of loving it. I still think it’s too expensive for a primer, for near 2,000PHP makeup, if it’s a foundation or an eyeshadow palette, maybe I would understand why, but with a primer? Na-ah. Don’t get me wrong though, to begin with I know Laura Mercier is a high-end makeup product, I should not even be surprise that their makeup products cost a lot, it’s just I have to be honest that Laura Mercier primer’s price is too much for my lifestyle, you know what I’m saying? But, although it’s a “foundation primer”, you can definitely use other face product over it, like a BB cream or a CC cream, sometimes I even used just a loose powder over it and I’m good to go. It is light weight but even though it says it is vitamin enriched foundation primer, I don’t know for sure what kind of difference or special care it is making on my face for the last 4 weeks or more that I am using it. Over all, I think it’s just okay… Okay in a way that I will still keep using it until its last drop, but not okay to purchase it, at least in the near future.

His Pouting Princess Realization/s: Make sure you don’t pile it on your face (or else you want your makeup base to get cakey), since it’s just a primer, you need only a tiny amount of it, spread it to your entire face and focusing on the areas you need the face product to cling on the most (like for me, my chin and the sides of my nose and sometimes inner sides of my cheeks) and; it will already work wonders for your foundation.

His Pouting Princess Rate/s:

For First Impression: Only ⭐️⭐️.5/5

Upon Regular Use: It’s now ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5/5

His Pouting Princess Ask/s:

Have you tried it? Share me your thoughts about it!

*As of February 18, 2017.

All the love,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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