Quick Tips About Your Falsies

Just some quick tips! If you decide to use your falsies again (I use my falsies  less than 5 times before I dispose it, provided that I was able to clean it with a makeup remover and a bit of isopropyl alcohol), DON’T YOU EVER PUT IT OVER (OR INSIDE) A COTTON BALL (OR A COTTON PAD)! LOL, I did and this what happened after…

Anyway, I ain’t even sure if deserves a spot on my blog site, hehehe! Just because it’s too short, and probably a common sense NOT to do.😂🤣😂🤣🤣 Well, let’s just say I am practicing to make my blog entries as short as possible, though definitely not as short as how I caption some of my Instagram posts, you know — in which I guess is happening right now, hahaha! Forgive me, I just have to post this one, because the experience kind of irritate me, and made me laughed and cringed with what happened to my pair of falsies… Which brings me to this question, how many times you use your fake eyelashes before you decide to throw it? And also, what is your way of cleaning it??


As I’ve already mentioned, I use a makeup remover for my falsies — and by this, I mean as I remove the falsies from my eyes; I use the one that is specific to the ”eye” makeup and not just a makeup remover that normally is meant for the face only, and not for our beautiful peeps. I then showered it with an isopropyl alcohol, just to make sure it’s clean — and by this, I mean no more eyes involved, just my falsies I want to re-use…

So there you have it for today (I think I’ll be uploading my next blog tomorrow, *crossed.fingers*, and it’s about a new lipstick that I actually am in love with, the smoothness it feels on my lips is superb!)… Hoping to blog at least once a week.






Love Lots💕💕💕,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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