My Miniso Eyelash Glue Mini Review

Happy 2017! Happy New Blog!! Happy New Year!!!🎉🎉🎉

As I’ve said before, I will try my best to make not just this review, but all my other reviews as short but still detailed as possible… Again, I’ll just try because knowing myself, I have so much to say about makeup, hehehe! As I’ve said before too, I realized most of the products I have has already been reviewed by another person; but even if that’s the case, I still would want to share my personal experience with a particular product, because results may always vary, you know… SO MUCH FOR INTRO. Let’s get started!

Early this year, I bought a makeup must-have, an eyelash glue! I was torn between Nichido eyelash glue (around 60-70PHP) and Miniso eyelash glue (around 90PHP), they’re the only two I could find at that moment, I bought the Miniso because I thought the packaging is cute! Pink and black, who can go wrong with such a combo, right?


Take a look…

Product Name: Miniso False Eyelash Glue

Net Weight: 8 ml

It is very handy and light, looks more like a mascara to me TBH.

Expiration Date: 2019 October 14 (whoah! That’s so specific!)

Glue Colour: Colourless.


Ugh. This is where my head starts to ache, it took me FOREVER before I get to stick the falsies to my lids! I hate it. I’ve used two other eyelash glue before, but both stick so well from the falsies to my lids, I couldn’t understand why this one ain’t working as good as the ones I have before. Am I doing something wrong? I honestly don’t think so.

Sure I love the fact that it’s so much easier to transfer the glue from the tube to the false eyelashes, it’s like I am just ”painting” the glue to the falsies, no sweat. It also dries fast, which I also like, but once the glue get sticky, and I put it on my eyelids, it doesn’t stick well… In fact, not at all. I have to put the eyelash glue in my falsies for more or less 5X before it finally stick to my lids! The supposedly 30 seconds to 1 minute journey turned more or less 5 minutes and I am not happy about it. [Sweat all over my forehead coming through].


I repeat the process just twice today BUT it’s obviously NOT intact.
This is with mascara, BE VERY CAREFUL when putting mascara while you already have falsies.

Not only that, I cringe when the second time I used it, one of my falsies broke apart because of the (I suspect) Miniso eyelash glue. Same experience as the first time, I needed to put the eyelash glue again, and again (sometimes MORE again) before the falsies stick to my eyelids!

Be careful with the eyelash curler, too. I used to use the curler to ”bind” my real eyelashes and the falsies together, but with Miniso eyelash glue, I need to skip the curler because it can take the falsies away from my eyelids.

It’s obvious in this collage (especially the right photo) that my falsies is flying, LOL! Or maybe because I didn’t put eyeliner underneath?

Same with the mascara, do it before you put your falsies instead of after; as much as possible, stop holding your falsies once it’s in your lids. Normally, I put mascara after falsies, I have to adjust this time with this Miniso eyelash glue.


Up to 6 hours if you’ll be careful not to get your hair or hands to your eyes, after 6 hours, your falsies will start flying from the edges of your lids (though this usually happen even if I use other eyelash glue). Sometimes it also depends if your eye area get sweaty.

His Pouting Princess Realization/s:

On  positive note, it’s so easy to remove your falsies with this eyelash glue, YOU DON’T NEED eye makeup remover! Yay to that! I know all in all I don’t like this glue but I paid for it, so still I am going to deal with it, but as soon as I have a chance to visit the mall, will give the Nichido eyelash glue a chance. And, just because Miniso eyelash glue failed for me, doesn’t mean I won’t be trying their other makeup! I definitely will and I am currently wanting to give their BB cushions a try, so do watch out for that! 😉

Effortless attempt to remove the falsies!🙌🏻

His Pouting Princess Rate: ⭐️⭐️/5

His Pouting Princess Ask/s

Do you have any favourite eyelash glue?



I hope my WordPress family missed me, because I miss blogging!

I’m back,

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