A New Quest: Finding The Perfect Blackheads & Whiteheads Remover (Featuring iWhite & Beauty Fix)

A New Quest: Finding The Perfect Blackheads & Whiteheads Remover (Featuring iWhite & Beauty Fix)

So I decided to hunt for a nose mask that will remove BOTH my whiteheads and blackheads… The quest begins today (technically, it began months ago but the blogging starts just now, LOL!)… I was thinking if I should make this a back-to-back blogs, or under versus category… Hmn… Maybe a (sort of a) battle wouldn’t hurt, huh?

I bought the iWhite The Original Nose Pack first for only 18.00PHP (that’s just less 1 US $), it has a 3.5 mL sachet version which I personally love because it means I can try it without breaking my pocket. Each sachet you could use up to three times, so it’s so tipid!

While the Beauty Fix Nose Pack unfortunately, I didn’t see a sachet version in the store I went into so I had to buy the one in 65 g bottle in order for me to try it (I badly needed it that time!), it costs around 100PHP (around 2 US $), while the sachet version according to the internet costs the same as the iWhite Nose Pack sachet. I don’t know yet how many times I could use this bottle before it empty but I believe this could go for months, if I use this two to three times a week (and that’s what I am actualy doing).

Prices: Read above.

Packaging: Both are cute but for some reason, I find the iWhite Nose Pack more appealing, maybe because of the mini bottle-like shape of the sachet version.

Shade: Both (the actual product) comes in white.

Smell: At first I thought they smell exactly the same, but in the long run, the Beauty Fix Nose Pack smells better, it has bit of a fragrant in it which is not bothering at all (and quite addicting).

Texture: Both thick and slimy if I may say, you could hardly tell the difference TBH.

The thing about having a bottle version of any product, you can use it plenty times like in this collage.

Yes, I feel the need of nose pack in all these areas.

Application: Easy but a little messy… The amount you put on your nose (and in my case, I also put some on my cheeks and my chin) depends on you, I suggest the thicker, the better. Both says you have to wait (at least) 15 minutes before you peel it off your face, make sure it’s completely dry and/or tacky. In addition, both asked to peel these nose mask in an upward manner (the same way we should do when we put toner on our face) so let’s do take note on that.

(Not So) Final Words: Funny that this is supposedly a ”versus” kind of blog but… But it’s like these two products comes from one company… The iWhite is made in Korea, but the Beauty Fix didn’t indicate where it was made (HMN suspicious), but according to the bottle it is exclusively distributed by Watsons Philippines (NOT suspicious). Both successfully removed my whiteheads even with just first use but both failed to remove my ugly blackheads… The thing after you used them, you’ll feel that your skin tightened and smoothened.

When it comes to benefits, iWhite The Original Nose Pack contains A LOT of good ingredients – panax ginseng and mulberry root extracts (popular root extracts used for medicine in Asia), aloe vera and vitamins A, C, and E. While the Beauty Fix Nose Pack vitamin E and witch hazel extract (treats irritation), these are the only ones I am familiar with in their ingredients. However, it also can whiten your nose and minimize your pores which is a plus (although I haven’t seen the full effect yet as of using this for three weeks now).

Was not able to take photo the before & after with iWhite nose pack, but I promise you can hardly tell the difference.✋🏻
His Pouting Princess Realization: Amazing how two supposedly different products with different ingredients have the same (or at least similar) effect on you.

His Pouting Princess Rates: 3.5/5 for both of them.

His Pouting Princess Ask/s: Is there any other nose mask you would suggest me trying? Specifically the one that can remove blackheads because it’s killing me, and it’s gross, really. Thank you very much in advance! 😉

Searching far and wide,
His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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