Early this year (February 2016), my mother bought a KATA T4 phablet (phone and tablet in one). For few months, the KATA T4 was working well, I loved how crisp the graphics and how fast the response of touch screen was (forgive me, I ain’t good at explaining technical matters), all in all, I liked how the KATA T4 performed, I used it whenever I watched videos in YouTube and sometimes whenever I feel like playing games, and then that’s it. Other than my KATA T4, I have another phone with me too, so I rarely, rarely use this phablet. In fact, it stays at home, the gadget is too big for me to bring outside.


Then it stopped charging. Next thing I knew, it turned off because the battery got drained, and it never, ever turn on again.


That’s when I thought that it’s about time to bring the KATA T4 back to where my mother bought it. From where it was bought, we were asked to bring the unit to Starmall in Ortigas, so we went there.




August 28, 2016 – I surrendered my KATA T4 in Kata Store, Starmall (after showing proof of receipt and the “One Year Warranty Parts & Service” paper (from the branch where we bought it), and I was told that the Kata customer care will contact me within one week for an update.

Condition of my KATA T4 unit before I gave it to them: NO dents, NO scracthes, NO lifted part, NO missing button, NO liquid damage and the LCD is NOT broken. NOT rooted, NOT tampered. Externally, the gadget was as good as new. Internally, it’s NOT charging, therefore NO power.


(You may refer to the photo of the actual Service Order form/s near the end of this blog.)


September 05, 2016 – I sent an e-mail to info@katadigital.com for an update. I received NO REPLY.


September 06, 2016I still haven’t heard from the Kata, no text, no call, no e-mail. So I took the initiative of calling the hotline number (531-8903) of the Kata, Starmall branch but NO ONE WAS ANSWERING, then I called the service center hotline number of Kata (706-5395 local 2900), after a number of attempts, a woman named EDITH TENAS answered. Tenas told me that I need to pay 1,700PHP before they repair my KATA T4 due to dents – because of the dents, my warranty was void.


Of course, I asked her about the dents she told me about. She couldn’t explain it to me, she just started talking about the motherboard they need to replace. She even told me to check the Kata manual where the Warranty Conditions are written. Of course again, beforehand I have already done that, I know that the condition of my KATA T4 is still under their warranty. I asked for RE-ASSESSMENT and a REPORT about the case of my unit regarding the dents and the motherboard (since her explanation was vague) so I would know what went wrong. I also e-mailed Kata about the report I am asking from them.

JENNY LOU ORIAS of Kata replied: “Your Kata unit was assessed under void warranty due to dents. The warranty covers manufacture defects subject to technician’s diagnosis. Warranty does not apply to cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches and dents and damage caused by accidents, abuse, misuse or external causes.”


I cringed, since obviously, re-assessing my KATA T4 won’t make a difference, and it’s as if Kata’s explanation was written by the book, what they replied obviously was “in general”, they couldn’t pin point the real cause of the dents they told me about.


I called their hotline again and asked to pullout my KATA T4, and as per usual, I also e-mailed them about my new request on the same day.


September 07, 2016 – Kata replied and asked for a confirmation from me for the pullout of KATA T4. I confirmed TWICE, the same hour they sent me their e-mail.


September 12, 2016 (5 days after my last request) – I still have not heard anything from Kata, I decided to message the official Kata Philippines Facebook page and asked them how many days should I wait for them to reply and take action. Their Facebook page replied right away, with a reply: “Please wait for our call or notification once unit is ready for pick up.”


September 16, 2016 (9 days since I e-mailed info@katadigital.com, and 4 days since I sent a message to KATA Philippines FB page) – I didn’t receive a phone call or a message whether via text or e-mail from both. I once again, message their FB page and their e-mail address asking for an update of my request to pull out my KATA T4. Kata Philippines FB replied the same day,“It is now available and ready for pick up at our Kata Whiz Center in STARMALL EDSA.”


September 17, 2016 – Kata’s official e-mail address replied,“Your Kata unit is now available for pick up at our Kata outlet in CASH & CARRY MAKATI.” as per MICHELLE TONG. See the difference? They gave me different locations where can I retrieve my KATA T4.


These are the things that’s still running in my mind as of blogging this:


First, I gave it to Starmall branch so, it make sense that it was expected to be taken from the same branch I gave my unit to… Right? I even indicated in my request to return it to the said branch.


Second, why did they give me different locations, their FB page and official email address don’t have the same info at hand?


Third, is this how really they operate? IT IS ALWAYS THE CLIENT REACHING OUT TO THEM?? They don’t have the initiative to call you first??? They don’t even reply to you right away (okay, except their Facebook page).


Fourth, they cannot and did not explain the root cause of the dents or whatever findings they had on my KATA T4.


Fifth, if you check my service form, they didn’t write any details on the Physical Condition, their Assessment and especially, there is NO signature from their ends on the “This is to certify that the unit has been Quality Controlled and tested prior to release” portion (good thing I was able to take a photo of the service form before I left the Kata center, since they asked me to return my copy to them).


Sixth, they returned my KATA T4 with scratches! I did note this on the service form I returned to them and I told the staffs of Kata Starmall Edsa about my unit’s condition before I gave it to them and after they gave it back to me. All they could say was “sorry”. I know it wasn’t the staffs’ fault, they were just mere sender of my unit to the service center.





Seventh, I e-mailed info@katadigital.com and Facebook message the Kata Philippines page again and for the last time and told them about my KATA T4 was returned to me with scratches, signs showing mishandling.



As expected, their official e-mail didn’t reply, and this time, Kata Philippines Fb page just “seenzoned” my last message.


Just imagine I used it for only approximately six (6) months and then suddenly it’s not charging, and it’s not turning on JUST LIKE THAT, despite the fact that I didn’t really use it that much for I have other smartphone and laptop, too.




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