Mary Kay Concealer / Dissimulateur / Corrector Para Ojos Review 

I’ve seen two of my favourite Filipino YouTubers (Philline Ina & Anne Clutz) personally swears by this concealer that’s why I bought one, too! It’s again part of my A Quest: Foundation & Concealer. A quest of finding the perfect foundation and concealer for my face. FYI though, I bought this last June but my-oh-my I’m always late to blog, aww! That’s bad… Anyway  I’m excited! 😉

: Comes inside a baby pink and gradient black box which I thought is sleek (I love baby pink, I love black). When you open the box, you’ll see a not so tiny black plastic tube which is very handy and light.

: 415PHP, but I got mine with 50% off the price tag when I bought it at the Mega trade Hall event. Photos on P.S. 😊😊😊

: They’ve got two, one in beige and one in ivory. I’ve got the Ivory.

My eyebags condition which aren’t really a problem for me but my bedimpled chin??? Ugh. Excuse me for this photo, princess… ;(
Coverage: Light to medium.

Smells: A bit like a face powder.

: Creamy. Very creamy.

: Because of its creaminess, it is very easy to blend and it is also buildable, not even cakey. However, it made my fine lines appear like all of the other concealers I have tried before ;(

I’m saying no to filter especially whenever I review a product so you can really see the actual condition of my skin before and after I put makeup on.

: Lasts up to many hours! Though I only have it in my undereyes and chin for 6 to 7 hours, I can sense that this concealer can last up to more hours, it didn’t cake and it acts like a BB cream or something for some reason, maybe because it’s very light weight.

The oilyness that you’re looking at was because of the foundation I used here (Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Air-Whipped Liquid Foundation, check the blog after this.)
His Pouting Princess Realization/s:
Upon my last counting, this is already my 6th concealer and eventhough this is really promising (I love that it is very light weight, I don’t feel like I’m wearing a concealer at all), still the over-all effect it does on my skin physically speaking is something I am not a fan of… Maybe I should stop buying concealers from now on, and PRACTICE MY BLENDING FIRST — because personally I think I am still not good at it and/or just rest my face (and especially my chin) from it. I believe no one wants their fine lines and wrinkles showing, right? Aww… But of course, now that I started YouTubing, I will still put some concealer on areas I needed to, but on a daily basis, I would like to keep my face concealer-free, honestly speaking.

His Pouting Princess Rate:


His Pouting Princess Ask/s:

Who else here buy makeup products because they’ve seen their favourite someone uses it? raise your hand!


Hooray to Ms. Cherry Ramos of Mary Kay Concealer! Aside from being so pretty, she gave me beauty tips that I will forever remember (one, the way I put blush on and two, about lead of lipsticks which is a very serious topic BTW!), and oh! A mini makeover, too! Whoah! Thank you and God bless you, pretty woman!

Posing aLa beauty queens because why not? ;p
ONE MORE TIME! Isn’t she lovely?💕💕💕
The red one is Mary Kay, the nude one is MAC lipstick. Hmn…???
The many other Mary Kay products I want to try!

My concealer quest ends here for now,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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