My Makeup Plus X Happy Skin X Love Marie Experience (The Contest)


Three hashtags to keep in mind in this another back-to-back blogging:

#HappySkinXLoveMarie, #MPHappySkinXLoveMarie and of course, never ever the least, #HisPoutingPrincess.

So I joined a contest care of Makeup Plus, it’s a beauty app that allows you to edit everything and I mean EVERYTHING on your selfie, but don’t get this app wrong, because unlike other beauty apps, somehow, this beauty app makes your photo as seamlessly natural as possible. Personally I am never a fan of any beauty app, though I have to admit that Camera 360 is another great beauty app that I sometimes use, if I want an instant “makeover” that will still make my picture look like myself, minus the ugly blemishes on my chin I NEED TO HIDE (S.O.S.!!!). So anyway, I am one of the blessed winners of their selfie contest. The reason why I joined was because Heart Evangelista (Love Marie Ongpauco-Escudero) collaborated with Happy Skin cosmetics, and her collaboration with the said makeup brand was one of the prizes at stake… My eyes sparkled like crazy upon knowing so!!! I rarely join Instagram contest because I have feed goals, you know. Jaja! #truestory.

Why I am not a fan of filter and/or beauty editing app? Oh, well that’s another story, I’m probably going to blog about that real soon… Hmn…

So this is the original photo and the edited photo via Makeup Plus (the edited was the one I posted as an entry for Happy Skin’ & Makeup Plus’ Instagram).

After I asked both my personal friends and cyber friends to put a heart on my photo, I gained a whooping 100+ hearts in a matter of less than a week, it was a shameless plugging I would say, jaja! I enjoyed it still and I realized who among them truly loves me, hihi! So I’ve won 😉 I am one of the three lucky winners and I think I said that already.

These are the prizes I’ve got:

1.) Makeover in Happy Skin, in which I am so, so, so excited to let you know that I recorded the whole thing for my YouTube channel! Yehey!!!

Watch: MY Makeup Plus X Happy Skin X Love Marie MAKEOVER

2.) The Happy SKin X Love Marie Minnie Matte Lippies I am VERY, VERRY, VERRRY much excited about to share to you the swatches and review PLUS… Wait for it!!! The video!!! Yes!!! Another video for my hispoutingprincess channel!

Click: *Currently uploading…

Signed by beautiful princess Heart Evangelista herself!❤️ 💛 💙 💜❣️


Kindly check my blog post after this for the *swatches and review (more like a first impression) on Heart’s lovely, lovely travel-sized lippies!

Meanwhile, these are the people I get to mingled with during my Happy Skin makeover experience, starting with Ms. Sabrina Chua, a twenty-one year old (whoah!) makeup artist trained in Makeup Designory (MUD) Manila. MUD is an international makeup school and is one of the world’s leading makeup school with cosmetic products under their company as well.

Young but ready and passionate, Ms. Sabrina or Saab Chua started her “Saab Chua Make-Up Artistry” just this year and I wish her the best!!!
More Happy Skin pics! LOL, kawaii!!! 😀 😀 😀
This nice lady named Carmela Ramirez of Happy Skin gladly offered me to take our photos. Thank you so much! ;)
This nice lady named Ms. Carmela Ramirez of Happy Skin gladly offered us to take our photos. Thank you so much! 😉
Another Happy Skin employee named Ms. Anne Ballesteros.
Another Happy Skin employee named Ms. Anne Ballesteros.
Hola Ms. Steff!
Hola Ms. Steff!
The best things in life are...
The best things in life are…

To Makeup Plus Philippines and Happy Skin, thank you so, so, so much for the prizes! I’m really a BIG HEARTYFLAKES‘ FAN

(I call her “Heartyflakes” because I think it’s cute and it’s sweet at the same time, hihi!). I don’t know why you chose my entry but for whatever reason (aside from the likes my photo got), you made someone so happy not just during the announcement of the winners, but everyday since then…=)

Happy Skin's brand new branch in Trinoma.
Happy Skin’s brand new branch in Trinoma just opened last week and Saab told me that Ms. Rizza Mananquil-Trillo & Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez will be in the branch later that makeover day, unfortunately I needed to go around 2PM. Sayang!



You don’t know how excited I am to use these nude lippies! 😉
Happy Skin’s FIRST EVER lip liners, another collaboration with Mrs. Heart Evangelista-Escudero.


Lots of Love,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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