Happy Skin X Love Marie Shut Up & Kiss Me Mini Matte Lippies (Swatches & Review)

It's a signed heart-shaped box with her and my name in it! ;)
It’s a signed heart-shaped box with her and my name in it! 😉

First of all, I know I’ve got these as a prize but rest assured that I will still be honest as I supposed to be as reviewer of makeup and beauty 😉 If you have read the previous blog previous blog, you now know how I got these package.So let’s start because I cannot wait to share all my thoughts as well.

(From Allure Asia Inc. through Powered by Xend)

Also, if you want to see these bunch of lippies in action, go watch it on my channel:

Happy Skin X Love Marie Shut Up & Kiss Me Mini Matte Lippie Swatches

Love Marie's mini matte lippies & introducing Happy Skin's first ever lip liners! #HappySkinXLoveMarie
Love Marie’s mini matte lippies & introducing Happy Skin’s first ever lip liners! #HappySkinXLoveMarie

Love Marie Ongpauco-Escudero, popularly known as Heart Evangelista is an actress, endorser/model, fashion icon, a painter and one of the most beautiful ladies in the Philippines (and TBH my princess, her face never gets old!). I look up to her since I was a teenager, through all her ups and downs in life that I don’t need to mention here, she remained graceful and in love with life. I remember I have an old magazine here where she said how she loves to wear and play with makeup! Dream come true for her, I guess, that she collaborated with Happy Skin cosmetics for lipstick and lip liners designed for everyday use.

If there is only one person in the world that is not related to Heartyflakes (that’s what I always call her, hihi!) that is EXTRA excited about her makeup collab, it would be me. No kidding. #superfangirling! *WINK!* 😉
Always classy and pretty Heart.
Always classy and pretty Heart.

About the mini matte lippies:

– travel-sized version (for ladies on-the-go) of Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies, weighing 1.7 g each tube

– can be bought individually (499.00PHP), or by 3’s (1,299.00PHP), comes in heart-shaped box that you can re-use or just display, it’s so pretty just like Ms. Heart Evangelista-Escudero!

– I’m not so good at smelling but it has a slight kick of pungent in it when you smell it from the tube, but once applied on the lips, you’ll smell nothing

Now comes my favourite part, next to the actual lipstick itself, the packaging:


The heart-shaped box design are very, very much similar to Heart’s Beauty Book that I also have (you see, I am a legit fan here, jaja!). Take a look:

The design I believe was drawn by Heart itself, so it has a personal touch from the lovely lady itself. It is indeed a limited and collectors’ edition in one.

You’ll see the words CONQUER, HEART, LOVE, HAPPY and LIPPIES, everthing that makes Heart, Heart.


The lipstick tube, though simple, is the cutest thing! It’s so handy, it’s like a crayon! Design around the tube is like an optical illusion in octagon (it it? I’m so bad at shapes! LOL!) and a Love Marie named ‘written” by herself, and of course, the Happy Skin logo.




Now comes my MOST favourite part, because you know it’s all about skin-deep, right? 😉

1.) Let’s first talk about the ALL HEART since this was the colour I imitated using the Makeup Plus app, it’s a brick to muted red and quite surprisingly, it’s not as red as the one from Love Marie’s lip liner in Heartthrob, but I remember that this batch of minnie lippies is about nude colours that you can use everyday, so that make sense. Though I would have wanted that this red is more on red side than of the nude since the other two colours already shouts NUDE 🙂

I kind of hate my "bedimpled" chin, the pimples are just shouting, too... ;( But I like this photo, so...💕💕💕
I kind of hate my “bedimpled” chin, the pimples are just shouting, too… But I like this photo, so…💕💕💕


2.) Now let’s talk about my new love, yep, this is my favourite among the three mini lippies, it’s called NEW LOVE and the colour will remind you of an espresso or a caramel, it’s just so beautiful. I see combination of brown and muted orange, making this colour even more lovable and unique. Gosh, I love it, I really do! I believe this is best partner with Love Marie’s Skinny Dipping (that name is interesting, ah-huh) lip liner.

Though I joined a makeup challenge using a “beauty editing app”, I still prefer my photos to be filter-less 😉

3.) It’s NOSTALGIA’s turn, this I believe is a crowd favourite among the three clours, this is probably the perfect definition of nude because it’s nearest the common lip colour, the MLBB feels (but as I said earlier, the New Love is my new love, so…). The First Date in Love Marie’s lip liner is match with this nude lippie.

All heart, all smile!
All heart, all smile!

Sneak peek to Love Marie’s lip liner, check here.

Now let’s talk about pigmentation, because I believe all these three has the same formulation, it feels so soft in your lips the same way the other Happy Skin’s Shut Up & Kiss Me feels, only this time, it’s more matte but I promise you won’t feel that it’s matte at all! Sure it looks like one, but you won’t feel dryness or tackiness in your lips. Thank goodness for the variet of oils in their ingredients: mineral oil, seed oil and coconut oil. Bonuse, I’ve read that Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me contains shea butter and cupuaçu butter that offers protection from the harmful rays of the sun while hydrating your lips at the same time. It’s good to know that Happy Skin indeed can make your skin happy, noh? 🙂 And even more bonus, I just saw from their Instagram account that makes not just my skin happy, but also my heart:

img_0748 img_0749

Longevity: Lasts for at least 6 hours, with drinking. Lesser hours when you start eating, but like most of the lipsticks, only the inner rim of your lips get affected.


Re-applying is as easy as the first time you glide the mini lippie in your lips, and again, no drying effect! Yay (because if you’ve been in my blog for awhile, you know how CRAZY DRY my lips get!).


Final Say: If not the best, definitely one of the best lipsticks in town! Apart from the hydrating effect it gives your lips despite the fact that it’s actually a matte lipstick, and the cruelty-free Happy Skin just announced about their beauty products, it’s a loud and proud Filipino brand, that honestly very comparable to Japanese and Korean products that also focuses on skincare innovation. Though, 499PHP is a little pricey for the size of a lipstick, I think we have to face the fact that some products involving a huge name like Heart Evangelista (or for instance, Kylie Jenner’s makeup line and Drew Barrymore’s Flower cosmetics) comes with a bigger price tag with it. I am telling you now, whether you are a big fan of Heartyflakes like me or not, it will be worth it. Three kinds of nude that you can alternately wear everyday, or just choose one of the bunch, will make your lips look and feel truly better because of the benefits you can get from using these cutie Thumbelina lippies. It is, I believe limited edition, so I might sound like I work for Happy Skin (I don’t), but hurry!, until supplies lasts! Hihi!

His Pouting Princess Rates:
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ /5 if you bought the set of 3’s.

⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️/5 if you bought it individually.

His Pouting Princess Asks:
Any makeup product you bought because you’re a fan of the endorser?

Till next lisptick galore!,
His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

And again, watch these mini lippies in action:

Happy Skin X Love Marie Shut Up & Kiss Me Mini Matte Lippies Swatches

And if my being a loyal fan of Heartyflakes is not even enough to emphasized how winning the selfie contest of Make!up Plus proves that I meant to have these set, look what is the universe is telling me!❤️ 💛 💙 💜 ❣️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 💟 LOL!

My jam during the time I blogged this.
My jam during the time I blogged this.

Again, thank you Makeup Plus Philippines and thank you Happy Skin, if anyone of you have read this blog, kindly pass it on to Ms. Love Marie, I would love to have her known that a fan like me exists. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Till next lipstick galore,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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