Of course, the MS Word started to not respond as I attempt to write about something vital,

Wow! Is this for real? No @hispoutingprincess watermark! Waha! 😛
or so I thought. Good thing though there is NOTEPAD, I won’t let any other elements stop me from writing… I need to let these all out.

So, this is my 25th blog post here in my WordPress, and so far, I am enjoying the journey. I remember blogging the first time back in college, it was on the used-to-be famous Friendster, and the only loyal audience is ME, LOL. Writing to me IS all about expressing myself without the need of anybody’s approval.

Late last year I was “back” to blogging, but this time with a different approach, a blog theme (or should I call it blog goals?), and possibly a target audience other than myself, I even started plugging my blog posts on my other social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. Writing to me became a commitment, though honestly it doesn’t really show that much because I am not as active as I wish to be.

Last week, I decided to schedule all my future blog posts, and princess! I have so many in line! I have a deadline for myself, like an employee reporting to her boss, only this time, the employee and the boss are one — and is me.

This morning, as I was checking all the TO-Do list on my BDJ planner given to me by another blogger, who is also a personal friend of mine (you can check her writings at: www.bernasolis.wordpress.com). Anyway, I was actually surprised that there is so, SO much to do in one day! I was like,”Can I really do them all? And how about tomorrow, can I do them all, too?? Wait, there’s more, the rest of the week are filled with so many TO-Dos, too! Can. I. Really. Do. ‘Em. All???” [Insert Pokemon theme song here.]

And right now, as I am typing this, I realized, HEY! WAIT! The reason why this is YOUR blog is because YOU ARE free to update this anytime YOU want, or anytime YOU are really available to do so. It’s not a do-or-die, now-or-never, bread-and-butter condition for YOU.

^I am talking to myself here.^

Point is, I know I am getting used to call myself a blogger or maybe I am just convincing myself to be one, hihi! But this is not something I should be freaking worry about that if I don’t get to post in time, I’ll cry or feel VERY guilty about it. I know that everything that I have written in my planner has a purpose, and mainly to make myself grow (among other personal reasons, WHUT?); but then again, blogging is not supposed to “boss [me]” around because I have other commitments in life, too. I am not saying this is not important, or that I am not willing to commit myself in this world, ah! What I am trying to say is that, I want to keep the fun while doing this, no strings attached 😉 After all, blogging for me is supposedly a place where you practice your freedom of expression and using that privilege doesn’t really mean you have to do it by schedule, but more like, do it when you need to, and more importantly, when you really feel that it’s the perfect time to do so. Like right now 🙂

I was supposed to upload a blog this week near weekend but it came earlier as I had planned, because I really feel like sharing to you the thoughts I have RIGHT NOW.

So yeah, that’s about it, my period is killing me softly again as I end this so yeah, I really need to end this now and hopefully the pain that the period bring goes away with this blog, too. LOL. Wishful thinking!

Love Lots,
His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

I will be posting some blogs like this that are not related to beauty and makeup maybe 10 to 20% of the time.

I also just started YouTubing, yay! Materials are about to improve little by little. I’ll get there somehow 😉

My channel: www.youtube.com/hispoutingprincess.

“DON’T FORGET YOU ARE A PRINCESS!” will be my end card.


© MaryAzerehtJoyPP (or MAJPP) and http://www.hispoutingprincess.wordpress.com, All Rights Reserved from 2015 to PRESENT.


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