Review & Swatch: Avon 24K Gold Lipstick in Carnation

Im back! 🙂 Miss me? 🙂 I know I am not consistent with my posts but it’s just I have other things to do besides blogging which is kind of sad 😦 If I could, I’ll blog all day, you know! 😉 Anyway, I am super excited for another back-to-back blogging! Last time, I focused on three lipsticks from Avon Simply Pretty line — which cater teenagers (and feeling teenager like me! LOL!); this time it’ll be the “other” side of Avon, the one that cater yuppies and ages above… AVON. That’s it.

*I’m going to start it off with (the previous post is now the first), edited: LET’s talk about* Avon 24K Gold Ultra Color lipstick, the other blog *will be, edited: was* about a new line of Avon Ultra Color called Perfectly Matte lipstick.


^3.6 g
^shimmering with gold sparkles
^contains “real 24K gold”
^light to medium coverage
^available in 6 shades (Tangerine, Ruby In Gold, Golden Rose, 24K Pink, 24K Red & my choice, 24K Carnation)
^regular price: 399PHP

(Since I am just literally trying out the longevity and how it feels and looks like on my lips, I bought only one for each line.)

Packaging: The gold tube slaaaaay it! It looks like a high-end brand, it’s so glam, it’s so sophisticated.

Swatches: Didn’t transfer well with kissing on my hand, so…

The Result:

At least 2 coats in order to appreciate the colour.

Lasts about 3-4 hours without drinking. When drinking, it is not transfer proof but the remaining of the lipstick is still quite intact, only the inner rim slowly fades. When eating, about 50 to 60% fades, especially the inner rim (below part) of your lips.

Lipstick Feel:
Very light on the lips like the Avon Simply Pretty Split Lipstick. It’s also moisturizing but if you have a crazy dry lips like mine, EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPS FIRST, trust me.

It literally looks like a cotton candy to me except it sparkles gold, that’s why it’s so so pretty to look at!✨✨✨

Final Say: The 24K gold karat or to me, the gold specs in it is my favourite part on this lipstick, your lips sparkle in a stunning way, without the need to put on a lip gloss or add some glitters just because you want to. This is perfect on a day wear without getting overboard, but also can be use at night, when light hits your lips, it just shines! 😉 I just hope it’s long lasting because I wouldn’t mind using this everyday even though I’m a “matte” lipstick kind of person.

His Pouting Princess Rate/s:


His Pouting Princess Asks:

How about you, are you a shimmer lipstick kind of lady OR a matte lipstick kind of woman?

Till next lipstick galore!,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)


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