Review & Swatches: Avon Simply Pretty Split Lipsticks

Avon Simply Pretty: Sweet & Sassy Split Lipsticks – 3 looks & 2 colors in 1 lipstick!

I am so excited for this review because it’s my first time to have a split lipstick, but wait there’s more because it”s not just one split lipstick, but 3! Yay! Just the thought of having 2 colours in 1 tube makes me wants to embrace life even more, you know what I’m saying? πŸ˜‰ So let me introduce to you probably the most affordable duo lipstick, or “split lipstick” as the Avon Simply Pretty line calls it. It comes in 3 wearable everyday shades that can be worn not just by yuppies but also by teenagers without looking too mature.
SNS001 – Passionate Pinks:

Colours: Dark pink and light pink. Dark pink is magenta while the light pink is bubblegum pink. Out of all the split lipsticks, this is the boldest colours I must say but still wearable any time of the day. / Smells: A bit strong scent for a regular lipstick-smell.

SNS002 – Rich Reds

Colours: Dark red and light red with bits of sparkles in it. The dark red is a dark fire brick, while the light red is crimson. Both reds are actually near a nude colour than a red in tube and in photo but it looks so much prettier in actual or in person. / Smells: Like a regular lipstick but only mild.

SNS003 – Captivating Corals

Colours: Dark coral and light coral with a lot of sparkles in it making it shimmery but still subtle. The dark coral is pinkish, while the light one is a coral that looks more shimmery than the dark one. Interestingly, this is my favourite duo out of the bunch. It makes your lips look expensive and just gorgeous with a bit of mystery int it! / Smells: Like candy which I like, I think it smells the most pleasant out of the 3 split lipsticks.

*All split lipsticks comes in baby pink plastic tube, and weighed 3.8 g.

*Regular Price:  Only 139PHP each tube. That’s like 69.5PHP per colour, and 46.3PHP if you want to mix the 2 colours for the 3rd colour! WOW!

For this review, I used the SNS001 or the Passionate Pinks for the entire day since it’s the boldest from the 3 split lipsticks, so the pigment of the colours are so obvious.

The result:

Note: I had “adobong pusit” (tasty squid cooked in adobo style) and I love it, hence the black ink all over my lips.

Longevity: Lasts up to 3 hours without drinking, but once you drink, the colour transfers to the glass or mug, that’s why colour tends to fade just a little bit. While with eating, as you can clearly see in this collage, it is gone 99%, especially if you eat oily food.

Lipstick Feel: Light and smooth on my lips, but since I have a dry lips originally, it tends to still dry my lips a bit. I suggest that if you also happen to have dry lips, put lip balm or lip moisturizer first before putting this split lipstick on.

Bonus: Aside from having a dark colour and a light colour, you can also mix the two lipstick together in your lips, so that’s having a third option! So much fun! Isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

His Pouting Princess Rate/s:


His Pouting Princess Asks:

Do you have the same split lipstick/s? If yes, what is your favourite from the 3??

If you have a different brand for this kind of lipstick, care to tell me something about it???

I had so much fun trying all these lipstick colours in one day! I hope you enjoyed reading too!


Till next lipstick galore!,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)


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2 thoughts on “Review & Swatches: Avon Simply Pretty Split Lipsticks

  1. Hi Maj! I love the phrase “Just the thought of having 2 colors in 1 tube makes me want to embrace life even more”. It’s very motivating. Sometimes life is all about finding joy in simple things, and here, in a lipstick. 😊

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