Battle Of Local Nudes: Ever Bilena MAUVEY and San San NUDE

*Initially, it appears to me that EB Mauvey is the nude one, and SS Nude is more mauve-like, right? 🙂

Hola princesses! First of all, I know by meaning that mauve and nude colours are different from each other 🙂 Still,  I thought of comparing two of the most popular Filipino brands, Ever Bilena and San San Cosmetics of HBC Store. Though I will just be focusing only in two “matte” lipsticks. One, MAUVEY of Ever Bilena matte lipstick — this one is probably the most popular nude-colour lipstick in town, all YouTubers I have ever seen bet on this. And, NUDE creamy matte lipstick of San San cosmetics, this, I honestly don’t know anyone who uses this shade, it wasn’t my first choice though because the San San HD lisptick in Nude Brown is the “popular” choice of many, and it was also what I was looking forward to try (because this was supposedly a “Battle Of Popular Brands“), but it was already out of stock when I visited some of their branches. Anyway, I thought the colour is pretty near the HD version of San San, so I bought it anyway. That, and also because I was itching to do this blog! Just for fun! 😉


Ever Bilena (EB) Matte in Mauvey, 3.6g


  • Comes with a black box, where all their ingredients are written, including the expiration date, 24 months upon opening
  • The tube is black plastic, with silver lining and silver text of the brand, EB Matte.
  • Colour indicator underneath the tube
  • Made in China

San San (SS) Creamy Matte in Nude (HV72), 3.5g

  • Sealed with clear plastic, where all their ingredients are written, the expiration date is written underneath the lipstick tube, good for 2 years use, too.
  • The tube is metallic blue (which is awesome!), you can see your lips through the tube
  • San San logo is written in white font, with details SPF 15, Vitamins A, C and E
  • Colour indicator underneath the tube
  • Made in P.R.O.C.


EB Mauvey

  • Smells like coconut or shea butter, I like it
  • The colour on the tube is a bit lighter than the actual lipstick, just a tiny bit different
  • It’s really matte

SS Nude

  • Smells like candy, at first I like it, but it’s too strong, I end up don’t wanna smell it longer
  • The colour on the tube is the same with the actual lipstick
  • With a bit of sheen, I say this is a semi-matte


*Under natural lighting.

EB Mauvey

  • Maybe because of the colour, it took four swipes to really get the colour enough to be seen
  • Not that easy to glide on your lips
  • Light weight on your lips but drying
  • Not kiss-proof, not transfer-proof

SS Nude

  • One to two swipes are enough to get the pigmentation you want
  • Not drying, true to its word that it’s creamy, easier to glide
  • Light weight on your lips
  • Not kiss-proof, not transfer-proof


*After 3 hours: with eating and drinking; *After 6 hours: I brushed my teeth and tried my best to only wet my lips, but no brushing.

EB Mauvey and San San Nude both lasts roughly for 4 to 5 hours, without eating. But expect lesser hours with eating and drinking. Even without makeup remover, you can get them off your lips, like just by brushing your teeth.


Same way and/or feel when the first time I use them both.

His Pouting Princess Final verdict:

Though I know the Ever Bilena Matte in Mauvey is more on beige or peach side, and it’s everybody’s favourite, but I don’t think I love it at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s just it’s not the kind of nude, or the kind of mauve I was looking for. Also, it’s too drying for my already dry lips. I have brushed my lips twice before I tried the product, it just didn’t work.

San San Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude, is more on a pinkish undertone, it is not so nude, yet I love the shade for my lips, it’s flattering even if it’s not as popular as the EB Matte Mauvey, I fell in love with this pinkish nude. Again, my lips are naturally dry, and I like that it’s not too drying because of the creamy ingredients it has (not to mention the sunscreen protection it offers along with Vitamins A, C, and E almost all the San San products have), though I kind of hope it’s totally matte (I’m a fan of matte lipsticks, eventhough my lips are dry as ever).

His Pouting Princess Rate/s (first time I will put ½, lol!😛😜😝😋):

EB Mauvey ⭐️⭐️½ /5

SS Nude ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ /5

His Pouting Princess Asks:

Have you tried them both?

Which is your favourite from the two, then??

What is your (other, if any) favourite local nude/mauve lipstick/s???


Until next some kind of face-off (I wish!),

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)


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