Cute Stationery Haven: The Paper Stone

After a few months attempt of blogging in WordPress, this will be my first time to blog using my laptop, and yes, I forgot how to get used to it. A few years back, I do my blogging only in personal computer, but since the age of smart phones became famous, all the things I need to do in social media world are now phone-dependent. Anyway, starting off tonight, I plan to do all my next blogging here in the arms of my computer, just so I can “feel it” again (but I will miss all the emojis in my iPhone, I gotta be honest with that!). So let’s start…


Two months ago, I encountered a stationery store in Gateway Mall, Cubao, Quezon City that sells only the cutest and dreamy stuffs! You see, beside finding me in makeup section inside a mall, for sure you will also find me either in Book Sale, or in Papemelroti, or in National Book Store. I’m a little bookworm (just a little bit, hihi!) and a school supplies freak (I honestly couldn’t think of a cute description so this will do, hehe!), but princess, how I love papers and school or office supplies! It’s one of the things I look forward to the most whenever class will start! The thought of purchasing new crayons, ballpens, gelpens, notebook, filler, pencil case… Gives me a sense of excitement, even if it means I cannot really buy them all. Cloud number 10!!! So, imagine my joy when I saw this new (to me) store with such a cute, simple name — The Paper Stone.

The Paper Stone is like a library of planners, notebooks, stickers, ballpens, stamps and the likes. You, however will also find cute stuffs like tumblers, mugs, stuffed toys, coin banks, pouches, and some display you can put not just in your bedroom but also in the living room. Everything comes in either colourful packaging and design or simply vibrant colour/s that will sure add some fun and life to your personal style or liking when it comes to your school or work bag. It’s a bit pricey though for a normal pen and paper supplies, but still the design of each items can compensate on the amount you pay. Each notebook, for instance, has a very unique and personal touch that you cannot just find anywhere else. I love it!<3 They also said that their products are from Singapore, maybe that’s also the reason why these items are a little bit more expensive than the ones in bookstores we are mostly familiar about.

Anyways, here are quick tour to the mini store I fell in love with in an instant!

Modelling πŸ˜›
Oh, I want ’em all! Money honey! Ha! Ha!
I’m pretty sure I will come back for this cute stamps! (Can you count how many times I say “cute” in this blog?!?πŸ’œπŸ’•)

And also, here are some of the items I bought. The 80-leave composition (“Owls” and “Cool Stamp Gold Poodle”) notebooks are 80.00PHP each, while the stickers (“Dino City Peach”, “Wood Work” and “Emoticons Volume 1”) are 59.00PHP each. And, yes, they are worth it! The notebooks especially are the cutest!


P.S. I didn’t open two of my The Paper Stone bags because they are intended for my two teenage girl cousins, I really wish I had took photos of their items, but I was not able to do so. Aww… But promise, theirs are as cute as mine, or maybe even prettier! Aww!

Say hello to Mr. Gilbert Fernandez πŸ™‚ One of The Paper Stone’s approachable staffs πŸ™‚
And say hello to Ms. Caroljessa Lopes πŸ™‚ The Paper Stone’s very nice cashier πŸ™‚

So that’s it for tonight’s blogging, I was so excited to blog about this because I love stationeries! Super! Maybe you will see some of my stationery hauls again next time…. Why not?!?>.<

How I wish they could see this blog post! They were attentive and really friendly! XOXO from me!!!πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ God bless you Mr. Gilbert, God bless you Ms. Caroljessa!


Until Next Blogging Using My Eggppie (my babypink laptop’s name), Hihi!,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’0)

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