Review & Swatches: Lancôme Paris Magic Voyage Travel (Lip and) Eye Palette

If you’re looking for on-the-go eyeshadows that comes with a lipshiner of different shades, this Lancôme travel palette is for you!🌹🌹🌹

Packaging: It comes in a very classy silver box with an emboss rose logo, you can see the picture of the palette at the other side of the box, this gives you the preview of what colours are inside.

Upon opening the classy box, you’ll find a gamouza-skin mini bag where the actual palette is (I wish it’s bigger than the palette, or at least have a lock button or zipper to really secure the makeup or so you can put jewelries or some accessories in it). The super mini “bag” is in black and also has an emboss rose logo in it, I like it.

Now comes the actual palette (I can smell the eyeshadow and lip shiner from here! Lol. I’m just kidding!✌🏻️). It’s a black plastic case with, again, a logo of Lancôme, the rose, but this time it’s gold and not embossed. 

It has a mirror, and comes with a double-sided sponge applicator and a lip brush.

First Look: The colours are beautiful to look at! It can go from nude 2 browns) to a day eye makeup (light pink) and even a touch of smokey eyes (silver and black) and 1 white/base that can be used from day to night.

Eyeshadow Swatches: Each one of them have a buttery texture… Oh, I’m telling you, they are very smooth! Though it’s a little bit of powdery, once it stick to your eyelids, it’s not as powdery as much.

Pigmentation: The browns and black are good, however the rest of the colours are almost like a chalky powder, almost invisible in your eyes when you put them to. Every shade has a shimmer, tiny bit of silver white sparkles on them except for the white (though if you look at it straight from the pan, you can see some sparkles, once you put it in your eyelids, you will trace no sparkle at all).

(camera with light/flash emoji = with flash)

Application: Since the silver and pink are quite chalky, you cannot really see them in your eyes. It took me many times to apply it in my eyelids (using the sponge-applicator Lancôme provided) before I can see them in my eyes but they look “invisible” to be honest. I can understand it with the white since I used it as sort of an eyeshadow base, but I couldn’t get why pink and silver are not so visible…😕😕😕 In fact, in order for me to do this review, I have to use all the other browns (for my eyelids) and the black (as eyeliner) to achieve a certain look… And yes, the pink and silver disappeared, as if I have not used them when I actually did. I decided to use the pink one under my eyes, and also near my tearduct as I sense it could be a good highlighter.

(camera emoji = without flash)
Longevity: Lasts quite a long time in your eyelids though. Minimal fall out. The pink under my eyes are surprisingly rocking. The browns blended well with each other but could no longer see the difference between the two. The black seemed to disappear though, next time I will not use it as an eyeliner, it’s not pigmented enough.
Note: Sample photos above were all done out of experiment, I’m still mastering the art of blending and eye makeup.✌🏻️

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Have you tried this Lancôme Palette? How’s your experience with it?? What is your favourite Lancôme palette??? 😉

P.S. I will be posting the swatches and quick review of the lip shiners in my Instagram account, as I decided that my back-to-back blog entries will be about the eye makeup.👁👁

Until next E/S swatches and review, princesses!

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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