A Quest – Concealer Review: San San HD (High Definition) Concealer

A Quest – Concealer Review: San San HD (High Definition) Concealer

Shade I’ve got: Beige
Coverage: Medium to Heavy
Product features:

>Vitamins A, C and E

>SPF 15

>A beautiful violet tin can-like pen type, does not look cheap at all

>You can twist it in order for the product to come out, the process is cute to be honest!

>Comes with a high-precision brush applicator attached directly to the concealer pen
Net Content.: 0.08 fl.oz/ 2.5 mL

Price: 123.00PHP

>Upon twisting the pen, concealer comes out from the brush yet you cannot really control the amount that goes out from it.
>”A little goes a long way” rule is VERY applicable to this product.
>Spreading it evenly is not that easy, it is not smooth.
>It gets dry easily so you have to be fast in blending it.
Photo Sample/s:

👍🏻It covered up my dark marks/pimple marks on my chin
👍🏻Without flash it’s pretty alright
👍🏻Physically from afar it’s nice to look at
👎🏻 Just don’t let anyone get near your face, or the concealer will be VERY obvious and you don’t want that
👍🏻Because of its medium to heavy coverage, it’s really meant for concealing a major skin problems
👎🏻I don’t think it’s buildable though
👎🏻No to flash photography
👎🏻Not a good subtitute for a highlight(er) because it’s too thick
👎🏻Drying on skin
👎🏻Wrinkles/fine lines (under my eyes) showed up the minute the concealer sets. That’s a major no way, José! to me


Lasts long (expect creasing/cracking in the long run) yet it’s hard to remove so you really need to thoroughly wash and clean your face after removing it with a facial wipes. Don’t forget to use toner to get rid of even the slightest residues!

☄His Pouting Princess Rates& Realization/s:

⭐️⭐️/5 (It might have been 3 stars if I bought a lighter shade, but I listened to the HBC beauty consultants – not just one, but I asked three representative from the store, and they all agree that this is the shade for me, but I seriously don’t think it is the right colour for me now that I used it.)
☄His Pouting Princess Ask/s:

Kindly share me your thoughts about this product, too. Have you found your best local brand concealer? Tell me what it is, I might also give it a try.

I am still in a quest of finding the perfect concealer that can cover up my skin imperfections, specifically in my poor chin where pimples keep coming back, along with the blemishes and acne marks that never goes away. In my 4-in-row “A Quest – Concealer Review”, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences with 4 of the concealers currently present in my beauty stash (2 LOCAL brands: SAN SAN HD and NATASHA BEAUTY and 2 GLOBAL brands: IN2IT and ELF COSMETICS).

Take note that my skin is oily to acne-prone skin.

Still hoping for the BEST💔🙏🏻😢,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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