A Quest – Concealer Review: IN2IT Sheer Natural Pimple& Blemish Concealer

A Quest – Concealer Review: IN2IT Sheer Natural Pimple& Blemish Concealer

Shade I’ve got: SCS01 (Beige)
Coverage: High/Heavy
Product features:

>Salicylic acid


>Long wearing


>White twist-up pen with embossed silver leaves and florals, really pretty to look at

>The shade of the concealer is also the colour of the cap

>I actually bought it with IN2IT Sheer Natural Gel Foundation in Golden Beige, 2 products in 1 package (hence, they are together in the photo), but I’ll be focusing on just the concealer, since they are really separate products to begin with
Net Content: 0.28 g


>Since it’s a pen-type concealer, you can easily draw the concealer on the target areas you want to conceal
>Because it’s a twist-up pen, expect a little more twisting for more product to come out
>Very smooth when it comes to blending

Photo Samples:

👍🏻I love that it’s a high coverage yet it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin, I even thought it’s only light coverage but it’s not
👍🏻It’s really high/heavy coverage because it successfully conceal my chin problems ❤️
👍🏻I brush my teeth and let the water drop on my chin just to check its “waterproof” feature, I even wash my mouth and chin (with water only) and the coverage is still there
👍🏻/👎🏻Since it’s only meant for pimple and blemishes, you can neither use it under your eyes nor for highlight(ing), the amount is just too little. Ugh. Or maybe you can, but expect the product to get empty fast!


Lasts for more than 6 hours, even if you sweat.
☄His Pouting Princess Realization/s:

I notice when I smile (as opposed to poker face or pouting lips), the pimples and blemishes on my chin magically disappears! Concealer can probably really cover the marks, but the living pimple (or active pimple) are still visible (up close). I guess I need to cure my pimples first before anything else (but I will still continue my 4-day-in-a-row review for this topic.✍🏻)
☄His Pouting Princess Rates:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 (This concealer has been in my beauty bag for a quite a long time now and yet I only appreciated its beautiful outcome during this review, whoah!😮😘😲)
☄His Pouting Princess Ask/s:

Maybe I should buy more IN2IT Sheer Natural Pimple& Blemish Concealer in order for me to use it for other purposes, yay or nay?🙂🙃 Kindly share me your thoughts about this product, too. Have you found your best global brand concealer?? Tell me what it is, I might also give it a try.

I am still in a quest of finding the perfect concealer that can cover up my skin imperfections, specifically in my poor chin where pimples keep coming back, along with the blemishes and acne marks that never goes away. In my 4-in-row “A Quest – Concealer Review”, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences with 4 of the concealers currently present in my beauty stash (2 local brands: SAN SAN HD and NATASHA BEAUTY AND 2 international brands: IN2IT and ELF COSMETICS).
Still hoping for the BEST💔🙏🏻😢,
His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)
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