A Quest – Concealer Review: E.L.F. Studio Corrective Concealer (Palette)

A Quest – Concealer Review: E.L.F. Studio Corrective Concealer (Palette)

Shades I’ve got: 4 (nude, light green, pinkish nude, brown)

Coverage: Heavy

>Black tough plastic palette that is very handy, and I will say it’s sleek, too
>Comes with a small concealer brush and a mirror
Net Content:

Price: No longer available.

>I opt to use my finger when getting the concealer because it’s so hard to work with the brush that comes with it
>Easy to blend with first or second layer, but it will give you a hard time blending when you put more layers

Photo Samples:


👍🏻Because of its different colours, you can use it both as a highlight(er) or concealer, it’s hitting two birds with one stone
👍🏻Because of its different colours, you are in control of the final shade (though I advice you follow the colour wheel or colour rule when it comes to concealing, i.e. green concealer counteract the red – pimples)
👎🏻Not buildable
👎🏻It cakes the moment you put a powder over it, even more when you sweat, the concealer become so obvious ☹️☹️☹️
👎🏻I’m saying no to flash photography for this

Although it lasts the whole day, the caking of the product will bother you especially if you put multiple layers on your skin.
☄His Pouting Princess Realization/s:

Products, no matter how great it is, come and go, I went to the E.L.F. store the day I review this product, they said that this concealer palette is already phase out. What they have now is the single concealer in a tube. I am lucky to be able to experience four different shades in one palette.

☄His Pouting Princess Rates:

☄His Pouting Princess Ask/s:

Kindly share me your thoughts about this product, too. Have you found your best local brand concealer? Tell me what it is, I might also give it a try.

I am still in a quest of finding the perfect concealer that can cover up my skin imperfections, specifically in my poor chin where pimples keep coming back, along with the blemishes and acne marks that never goes away. In my 4-in-row “A Quest – Concealer Review”, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences with 4 of the concealers currently present in my beauty stash (2 local brands: San San HD and Natasha Beauty AND 2 international brands: In2It and Elf).
Still hoping for the BEST💔🙏🏻😢,
His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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