How To Use A Facial Mask (My First Time)

I am near 30s yet yep, this is my first time to ever try this type of facial mask (I’ve tried the lotion-like that gets tacky and stick to your face as minutes passed by, and also some hot and mud facial mask, but without the actual mask like Garnier’s Sauna Mask which I am deeply inlove with!💙). I received two facial mask from two of my lovely friends from college on my birthday early this year, and I thought of sharing to you my first time experience because why not? 😉

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask in Cucumber.
As per The Face Shop’s instructions (and these instructions are most likely the same instructions you’ll get when you purchase a different facial mask. Note that “~” is my input.💚)

1.) Wash face and apply toner.

The lighting is not consistent, LOL! ;p
~Though you can skip the toner part if you want to experience the full benefit of the facial mask, without having it “interact” with other product, other than the facial wash or facial soap you are using (because it’s important that your face is clean before putting a facial mask).

2.) Pull out the mask and carefully place it on the face.

Obligatory selfies! Jaja. Just kiddin’! 😉
~Don’t forget your nose! I almost forgot mine! Jaja! 😝😝😝 And yes, your lovely chin as well. This is literally for your whole face so don’t forget any part. This facial mask is bigger than my face, hence, some of my hair got stuck with it but I guess and I hope it’s fine.

3.) Remove after 10-12 minutes and tap lightly to absorb the remaining essence into the skin.

Feeling instantly fresh and healthy right after!
~It’s important to follow the time duration that your product told you… Don’t go NEITHER overtime (I know, I know, sometimes you get crazily tempted to do so! Believe, I was tempted, too) NOR undertime (except when irritation persist, STOP immediately).
…And vóila!!! You can now go ahead and sleep (or drink a cup of hot tea first 😍💚🍵). But wait! I have a tip! In order for you to get “all” the essence your face needs during your facial mask moment, you may squeeze out the remaining essence from the packaging itself like I did. You’ll be surprised that there’s a lot of remaining essence is still in it… Just gently tap or rub it on your face, and enjoy the feeling of being pampered by your own bare hands! Yay!
The next morning…

Minus my eyebags, the rest looks radiant and feels healthy, wow! #absolutelyNOfilter!

My face wasn’t oily at all! Well, except for the middle part or center part of my face but it’s more of a healthy and dewy glow actually! The kind of oilyness you can tolerate and almost wouldn’t notice. I feel refreshed, and you can probably see it in my “big chinky eyes” (this is how my Papa describe my eyes).😻😻😻

✨☄His Pouting Princess☄✨ Rates: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

✨☄His Pouting Princess☄✨

Verdict: I’ll surely make this a habit at least once every two weeks (hopefully!) and I cannot wait to try other facial masks, too!

✨☄His Pouting Princess☄✨ Query/ies: Speaking of other facial masks, suggestion anyone?😽😽😽

Loads of Love,

HIS Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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