Diary: My Local Obagi La Lumiére Experience

A week ago I was on a high when I uploaded my new set of “beauty ritual” in my Instagram account. It’s called “La Lumiére,” a local obagi products distributed by Unlimited Networks of Opportunities Int’l Corporation better known as UNO. Though I didn’t bought mine there, instead it was given to me by my sweet brother.❤️ I was so excited! As a beauty blogger (or at least I would like to think that I am ✌🏻️), part of my beauty reviews is to check the price of the makeup and beauty products I am using or in this case, will about to use. It costs 3,080PHP per set. Next thing I did, I researched about the La Lumiére products, found only one credible review about it, and then I thought this is promising… I immediately tried it the next day.

But first, let me introduce the products:  

A closer look:

(The blue Cleanser and yellow toner in spray glass bottle)  

(The whitening, the exfoliating and the suncscreensumblock foundation cream in cute pump plastic bottle 😊😊😊) 

(The blanch soap, better known as the popular kojic soap these days)

   (And finally the note that comes with the whole beauty set) 

This, I will also call “diary” or a timeline of what happened the first time I used it up to the last, yes, last time. I will start at Night 1 since I started the “ritual” at night.

A little confuse with the note attached and the UNO’s pamphlet about the products thus the black notes from me.

Diary: My La Lumiére Experience

NIGHT 1 (Dated March 11, 2016)

Cleanser and Toner

-Both smells pungent

-Little stingy but only at first
Blanch Soap

-Nothing really different, just a normal kojic acid soap I guess
Whitening Cream

-Smells like an old, unused lipstick


-So a little goes a long way though it instructed me to put generous amount of it

-My face suddenly showed dark spots I never knew existed!

-Stayed on my face for 15 minutes before I put on exfoliating cream, oh no! The instruction says just after 5 minutes!
Exfoliating Cream

-Smells like a strong green apple 🍏

-The texture is like a normal lotion, not thin, not thick, just right

-A little goes a long way, too

-Forgot to massage it in my face in a circular motion, tomorrow night I won’t forget, promise

-Overnight, I was wide awake the first night and during dawn (around 3-4AM, I felt something really stingy on my forehead)

DAY 1 (Dated March 12, 2016)

-I used the blanch soap again but only with cold water
SBF cream

-Smells strong like plastic (I don’t like the smell at all)

-Thick lotion

-Here a little REALLY goes a long way

-You will feel that you really have a foundation on your face, feels heavy and it’s kind of hard to blend but the finishing is quite impressive
After a couple or 3 hours, I washed my face “accidentally” with other facialwash (not included in the La Lumiére set). My entire face after washing turned a little dark (I am fair to white complexion) and really red, I will rest my face tonight. I used only the LL toner for tonight because my face was so oily.

(same date)

-Cleanser nothing new.

-The blanch soap dried (with peeling off) my skin.

-The toner stings like a bee for the first approximately 10 minutes

-The exfoliating& whitening cream the same

-My face starting to peel off!!! Dry all over and a little bit itchy. I think this is normal

DAY 2 (March 13, 2016)

-My face is TOTALLY peeling off! I only used the blanch soap since I am not getting out, I don’t really need to use the SBF cream
NIGHT 3 (same date)

-The cleanser, the blanch soap, the toner all hurts my face so bad

-However the creams didn’t hurt my face so that’s a relief

DAY 3 (March 14, 2016)

-The blanch soap still stings

-Peeling off, peeling off… From day to night.

NIGHT 4 (same date)

-Both the cleanser and the toner really hurts! 😥 As if my face is burning… Even the blanch soap hurts, too!

-Both the exfoliating and the whitening cream are still feeling normal on my skin but I am no longer feeling good about everything

-My whole face is peeling off like crazy, I know this is normal but the pain isn’t!

DAY 4 (March 15, 2016)

-I used only the blanch soap but putting even just a moisturizer (Nivea Sun Moisturising) and BB cream (UNO The Skin Breathe) stings!

-I put on face powder just to set the BB cream

-Super dry skin and continous peeling off (I thought it wouldn’t be very visible as per the blog I’ve read, this goes to show we have different skin types), anways I put Carmex Classic Lip Balm to minimize the obvious dry patches all over my face (I’m outside the house so I have to put something to conceal the flaky skin I have at the moment) 😦

NIGHT 5 (same date)

-I used different facial wash (Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Foaming Cleanser) and decided TO STOP USING LA LUMIÉRE.

DAY 5 (March 16, 2016)

-Still peeling off, still stings when I put on my Nivea Sun Moisturiser and Uno BB cream after I washed my face but this time no more face powder



May not be obvious in these photos but in person, it is very visible! 😥

NIGHT 6 (same date)

-Neutrogena facial wash again and I finally decided to put my old-time favourite Nivea Classic Créme on my face overnight with high hopes that tomorrow will be dry-free skin again

DAY 6 (March 17, 2016)

-Starting to have oily face somehow as I woke up

-Neutrogena facial wash

-Nivea sun moisturiser

-I didn’t put any face powder on my face

-My skin improved, only minimal dry patches (and…)


…And my classic favourite moisturiser made my day! I didn’t put any powder, I just washed my face and then moisturiser, that’s it. My face look normal somehow, dry patches are almost invisible, I no longer need to cover my face with my hair! I suddenly miss my oily skin!!!
By the way, #nofilter.

NIGHT 7 (same date)

-Neutrogena facial wash

-My face feels tight and still feels dry

-Nivea créme

-My face starting to feel light again

DAY 7 (March 17, 2016)

-Neutrogena facial wash again in the morning

-My neck is still peeling off but my face doesn’t show dryness or flaky skin somehow

And NIGHT 8, March 18, 2016 as of typing this… Just finished washing my face and slathering moisturiser all over it.


Dear moisturiser, I now will always be loyal to you! Whether I’ll be out or just inside the house 😉

@HisPoutingPrincess Realization/s:

1.) Just because it works for others, doesn’t mean it will work for me as well (I know, I know this is basic but I gave in, well to be fair I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try it in the first place, right?🙂🙃).
2.) Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s effective (or maybe it’s effective in the long run but my beauty instinct and my face couldn’t take it any longer, again we all have different skin).
3.) You don’t fix what ain’t broke (right from the very start, I knew it’s a whitening set, I’m not after the effect it claims but I still tried it anyway! I completely forgotten the fact that the pimples on my chin that I should be taking extra care of and not the rest of my face because they’re pretty alright).
4.) Sometimes taking risk is not worth it (it doesn’t even contain any ingredients so how will I know if the contents are kind to my skin and if I am using a really safe product? I wish they have vital info indicated on their bottles or in their big box).
5.) I love my brother❤️, I ignored numbers 1 to 4 because I want to use his surprise to me no matter what and I don’t even have to explain this.😊😊😊


Yes I do have blemishes and monthly visitor (pimple/s) on my chin but I should love my face a little bit more, I ain’t promising there is no more experiment next time when it comes to beauty essentials, but I’ll be more cautious than ever!
Again, #nofilter.😊😊😊

Still searching and hoping for the best for my face,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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Disclaimer: This may be classified as a review but it’s more on my personal experience about the product. I had planned to use these for at least a month before I write a review about it but unfortunately for me, the first few days were painful, my skin couldn’t contain it, I have to stop using it. I guess those who have sensitive skin should think twice and be well-informed before using the La Lumiére products.

© MaryAzerehtJoyPP (or MAJPP) and http://www.hispoutingprincess.wordpress.com, All Rights Reserved from 2015 to PRESENT.


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