My First Time Ever: Facial Time – Diamond Peel Experience + Finding The Perfect Shade of Concealer at HBC Beauty Store

I went last month at HBC Store for some little Love Month Makeup Haul when a Beauty Consultant named Ruby P. Borromeo approached me and guided me on what colour to choose for my blemishes and pimple coins (marks I meant) on my chin.

HBC’s San San make up product has three different shades for their new make up edition “HD (High Definition)” (which the manager of the branch told me it’s a permanent edition).
San San HD Edition Concealer have three colours to choose from: Natural as the lightest, Beige as medium light/ medium brown and Olive as the darkest colour.


Normally whenever I watch YouTube beauties from around the world advises to choose a concealer with a shade lighter than your skin tone, so that the concealer can also be used as a highlighter. Great, I thought so initially I chose the Natural shade but to be honest, I was a but hesitant about it because I am not confident that I have a really fair skin, I’m afraid that the lightest tone might be too obvious on my face. Obvious that the cocealer might reveal that I am really hiding something in my chin. Ugh.
To end the agony, I tried them both on my chin and this what happened:

Still a bit hesitant – or torn between what the YouTube advices to go for the lighter one and my beauty instinct about the colour beige which is almost near to my skin colour; I asked the HBC Beauty Consultant what does she think is the perfect shade to hide my pimple marks. She chose my βœ’οΈbeauty instinct. The result?

(Above, San San HD Concealer in Beige with San San 2-Way Cake Foundation over it)

In the end, I bought the concealer in Beige colour. I guess sometimes you have to just trust your instinct, or if you can’t decide, do not be afraid to ask for help from the Beauty Consultant of the product you chose. The are really a big help!

@HisPoutingPrincess Query #1:

How about you, what colour you prefer when choosing a concealer?
A. Lighter than your skin tone

B. Darker than your skin tone

C. Just the same colour as your skin

Let me know.😊😊😊

And pretty me please do love your skin even if it has acne and pimple marks, okay? It’s the only face you have. Just go for beauty essentials that fits your face, hope you and I find not only the perfect shade but also the perfect product for our so-called “imperfections.”

Speaking of imperfections, because of the make up haul I did on HBC Store that reached 500PHP+ including Hortaleza, M.D. product, I was able to experience a diamond peel for free! I repeat, for free! It’s their generous promo open to all who are interested and who will buy their affordable beauty products. This is especially important for me not only because my face need it, but because it’s my first time to experience such a facial and I put my trust to Ms. Ruby’s hands, she’s just so nice! And oh, never mind my bare face.πŸ™ŽπŸ» Jaja!

Here I will show you a few of my photos before and after the diamond peel experience; and also tell you the few steps to a smoother and clearer skin all because of this free service. I love it.πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Diamond Peel c/o HBC Beauty Corner Make-Over Zone:

1. Cleansing using a clarifying lotion that acts like a make up remover and cleanser at the same time to make sure there is no residue left in your face.

2. Massage using a cream to relax your entire face.

3. Steam to open up the pores from your face and lift the blackheads, whiteheads and pimples because

4. Pricking is next. It’s time to get the ugly puss and black and whiteheads from your face! This is quite painful but tolerable and you bet, it’s worth it.

5. This is where the “diamond peel” comes to the picture, using a vacuum to peel of the dryness and other dirt from your face. This time, it feels good! It’s more like scrubbing in my opinion.

6. Lastly, time to close your just-opened-pores through a red laser to seal your face and avoid the dirts to come inside your epidermis.

As per Ms. Ruby, I should not let my face get wet within the day, therefore I shall just wash my face the next day which what I did exactly. As oppose to what I fear back then regarding facial treatment, I love the result of my diamond peel experience! My face looks brighter and feels smoother the next day… I might come back!😊😊😊

Kudos to Ms. Ruby P. Borromeo, Beauty Consultant of HBC Beauty Store, SM Fairview Branch for being the nicest and for giving me information and reassurance I need for me to consider and actually go under this beauty treatment.  Thank you Ms. Ruby and God bless the HBC/San San/Hortaleza, M.D. company!😘😘😘 I’m saying YES to Filipino brands!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

@HisPoutingPrincess Query #2:

Tell me about your diamond peel experience or any of your facial treatment. How do you like it/them?❀️

More photos on HBC Beauty Corner Make-Over Zone at SM Fairview branch. 
Hair and face makeover. Sarah Geronimo is their latest endorser.

The actual HBC makeup and beauty shopping store.   
And look! They also sell these:  


πŸ’• Love Lots πŸ’•,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)
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Beauty Instinct βœ’οΈit’s just my instinct, baby!😊😊😊 Not sure if these two have been used together before.Üü

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3 thoughts on “My First Time Ever: Facial Time – Diamond Peel Experience + Finding The Perfect Shade of Concealer at HBC Beauty Store

  1. I always have my semi regular facial with diamond peel in skin 101. I like it better than lets face it or belo.
    Is this a regular thing in HBC? If so, it’s very practical. It seems the procedures are the same as to regular beauty clinics

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