Love Month Makeup Haul at HBC Store + Pop Star Royalty Sarah Geronimo CD

Another late post. I know. Ugh.

But I’m so excited for this and the blog next to this because it’s a local makeup haul and a diamond peel experience (my first time EVER!) plus a Sarah Geronimo CD in one!😊😊😊 What could even be more exciting is that I got everything below 1000PHP!!!


How possible it could be? Visit HBC Store to find out how! Or just read this blog so you’ll be more than ready, not to mention giddy and excited as I am.Ü

While I love trying on international make up products, I am also interested to explore local brands that we have (I am from Philippines, Asia by the way). I told myself a month ago that I will try on SanSan products of HBC Store before this love month ends.❀️ Maybe it was Sarah Geronimo who really brought me to this place, I am a fan I will not deny but ; more than the face that SanSan products have (Sarah G is such a beautiful endorser, don’t you think?), t’was really a joy to see that Filipinos are making their own make up brands, too! Though I want to migrate someday, I still cannot deny the fact that I love it when Filipinos are trying to establish a trusted product that who knows, sooner or later be known worldwide, too? Hashtag I Support!😊😊😊

So without further elaboration, here are my make up haul last February, prices included and why I will come back in this lovely store of HBC:

San San Hortaleza, M.D. CC Cream – 190.00PHP

San San HD (High Definition) Concealer in Beige – 123.00PHP

San San Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Brown – 100.00PHP

San San Lip Liner in Brown – 60.00PHP

San San Eyeshadow in Golden Chiffon and Turquoise Blue (Buy 1, Take 1) – 63.00PHP regular price

*Total Of = 536.00 PESOS

The great news is for a minimum of 500 pesos you avail from San San make up line, you can get Sarah Geronimo’s Special Limited Edition Collection: “Simple. Beautiful. Everyday.” CD for 75.00PHP ONLY!!! Yay!Ü

*Total Of = 611.00 PESOS

(I know, this is supposedly the highlight of this haul, right?)
Well, the limelight isn’t really for the make up haul and pretty Sarah G. alone. It is meant to be shared with this product, still from HBC:


Hortaleza, M.D. Perfecting Soap (Buy 1, Take 1) – 83.00PHP regular price

Why? Well… Because they have a special sale this love month, adding one Hortaleza, M.D. product to my 500PHP+ purchase from the store entitled me to a free, YES, FREE!- – Free Diamond Peel you can avail from the date of purchase up to 30 days.

*Total Of = 694.00 PESOS

(I have another blog entry for this! It’s My First Facial Experience)
The makeup haul didn’t end there, I got my eyes glued all over these pretty falsies from them, too:

HBC Essentials False Eyelashes – 68.00PHP

Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Clear – 48.00
*Total Of: 810.00 PESOS

(I have a pending video for First Time To: Put On False Eyelashes in my YouTube channel coming very soon!Üü Meanwhile you can check my channel out: πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—)


But wait, there’s more! If you are a member of HBC Beauty Rewards Exclusive Card (58.00PHP), you can avail of their special discounts (not to mention points you can earn for every purchase)! Plus a HBC Secure “The Beauty Of Security” Card (underwritten by: Bankers Assurance Corporation, A Yuchengco Group of Companies Member) for 30.00PHP upon purchase that offers insurance for accidental death, accidental medical reimbursement and fire assistance amounting from 1,500 to 15,000 pesos, valid up to 6 months from purchase. This HBC Secure Card comes with every HBC Beauty Rewards Card. These 2 will cost you a total of 88.00 Pesos.
*A Total Of = 898.00 PESOS

But because of their Love Month promo, apart from the Buy 1, Take 1 I mentioned in the list above, I get an exclusive percentage off to some of the products I mentioned through HBC Beauty Rewards Card. Meaning, I paid not for 898.00PHP in totality but less than 800 pesos with FREE Diamond Peel/Facial! Wow! Just wow!!!😊😊😊 For a Filipino beauty in a budget like me, this is such a rewarding experience for me. I hope you visit your HBC Store near you.

Thank you to the HBC Beauty Staffs especially to Ms. Ruby P. Borromeo for taking care of me during my entire stay at their store. Kindly read my next blog as I show you the steps to a smoother and cleaner face through a diamond peel, still at HBC Store.

πŸ’• Thank you and Much Love πŸ’•,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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3 thoughts on “Love Month Makeup Haul at HBC Store + Pop Star Royalty Sarah Geronimo CD

  1. Hi maj! I also love going to hbc stores. I went there before and bought several make up and hair products. You’re right, the prices were very reasonable compared to other brands. I went home so excited because I was able to buy a lot. πŸ™‚

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