We Have A “Lil'” Secret: Pink Sugar Concealer First Impression + Review

Another proud Filipino brand just graced in the Philippines a few months ago and it has the girliest cosmetic name: Pink Sugar. While I am interested to try all their make ups (it’s new and it’s fab as I heard of), it’s their “Our Lil’ Secret” Concealer that really pushed me to look for their brand like ✒️ASAP!

Just so the whole world know, I have the ugliest pimple marks and blemishes altogether in my tiny chin, I am so, soo, sooo desparate to get rid off these ugly residents. Who wouldn’t? So after learning two or three “honest” reviews and/or first impression about this product, I didn’t think twice to buy one for me. I. BADLY. NEED. IT.

The Pink Sugar Our Lil’ Secret Concealer have four colours to choose from: Light, Light Medium,  Medium, and Medium Deep.
Even if my skintone is classified as fair to white complexion, I’m not really a fan of white base but the Light Medium is just too dark for my skin colour (I tried it on my chin and I looked like I have a contouring powder on my chin which is a bit funny, really.), I end up buying the lightest one which is Light. I still think it’s too light or white for me but the Pink Sugar beauty consultant of SM Makati beauty section advised me to use a darker shade of powder if I am not comfortable with the shade. Which I guess effective by the way and I don’t really have a major problem with darker shade for my face because I don’t like to look super maputi (fair).


The Pink Sugar Our Lil’ Secret Concealer is a full coverage concealer with vitamins A, C, and E plus aloe vera — all good for our skin. I got mine for 299.00PHP and it’s good for one year. The 13 grams tube has a cute tiny hole so the product won’t slip out unless you squeeze the body of the tube which is contrallable. The packaging has no box, only the tube itself and a plastic that seals it.

Here is the before and after, but focusing on my chin although I put some under my eyes:



While it really covers the blemishes and the pimples, it’s not so blendable because it holds like a cement in just a matter of seconds! That is why you have to be literally fast in blending (I used my fingers). Look what happened:

(I used my Mama’s Nichido powder foundation in Salmon as the finishing touch, because I currently only have one face powder which is natural and not darker shade, thank you po Ma!♥️)

For without flash it looks just okay (I still see grayish spot under my eyes 👀), but with flash on, it’s obvious that I am hiding something 🤔🤔🤔, look, white casts everywhere! Also, layering it is not advisable. Blending would be the best solution to even out the concealer, especially the edges of it… But do it fast! Also, I think it’s too heavy for undereye/eyebags so I suggest you use other concealer for it, but for blemishes and other uneven colours on your face, Pink Sugar Our Lil’ Secret Concealer is ✔️✔️✔️.

@HisPoutingPrincess Rates:

⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 over 5

@HisPoutingPrincess Verdicts:

I honestly did doubt it if I will post my first pictures of my first  impression and my first application using this product of Pink Sugar but I also thought: Hey, you deserve honesty!😊😊😊 Yes the product is really good on concealing your “imperfections,” but you have to have the skills to blend it fast forward or you will end up having an uneven concealing (above are the best blending I could as of that moment, oops!). The coverage is indeed heavy but not that you will really feel it, but you can see it, and it’s also matte so yes, it deserves a try!😊😊😊 I just hope they have wider range of colours to choose from so I don’t have to buy a new finishing powder to even out my skin, I mean I don’t have to adjust my other major make up for it because I definitely don’t always have the money for it.😳😳😳 All in all I like it except the white cast which is really NOT my thing, ever that’s why I am avoiding white or super light foundation and/or make up base. Also, this is my best concealer so far.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
@HisPoutingPrincess Query(ies):

Have you tried Pink Sugar’s promising concealer? If so, how was it?? If not, what other concealer that you are using that you can suggest to me??? Tell me pretty me please!!!😗😙😚

New Kid on the Block,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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