The Power of Cold Cream (Pond’s Lemon Cold Cream)

The Pond’s Cold Cream, as I am aware of, has been around the town for so long but it was just last month when I first started using it. The reason? I saw a pretty YouTuber named JaaackJack (Jackie Perdue), who uses Pond’s Cold Cream (with cucumber) as part of her night time beauty ritual. Looking at her pretty baby face, with her mentioning,”this is old school…” but still using it anyways, made me decide to look for it and try it myself. There is something about βœ’οΈold school that seriously attracts me, maybe because in general, I am pretty conventional.😊😊😊


So what’s with a cold cream? I find ways how to use it because apart from the YouTuber Jackie I have watched, I once again, know nobody (personally) who uses it. A cold cream is basically a cream, but it’s cold. Jaja. Just kidding. Seriously, it’s a beauty cream that delivers “beauty” (smoothness and nourishment) in anyone’s skin depending on how you will use it. There are actually various ways to use it, as to YouTuber Jackie, she uses it as a make up remover and then cleanses her face with a facial wash right after. As per famous Michelle Phan, you can also use it as a facial mask for 5-7 minutes, and you have to wash your face like the usual afterwards. While according to the beauty consultant of Pond’s that I talked to when I bought the product (mine is Pond’s Cold Cream with Lemon), facial wash should come FIRST before you lather the cold cream to your face and remove it using water and/or towel and then that’s it.  


Guess what? I’ve tried the three ways I was told of… Just to see which works for me well, or best. But first let’s focus on the Pond’s Cold Cream product. There is actually two kinds of it in the Watson’s store I bought it from. One is the “original” cold cream and the other one is “with lemon.” There is no really difference between the two, according to the Pond’s beauty consultant at that moment, but the lemon extract and citrus smell that the other one has. Also, the original cold cream is much more saleable than the one in lemon. I stopped for awhile and thought that the lemon is probably more effective because lemons are the ones found in dishwashing liquid, right? Not that our face is like a plate, okay. But the lemon as a cleaning agent is something you can swear effective, so I bought the one with lemon in it.πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹

And girl, I have no regret. The scent is citrusy and according to the Pond’s Perfect Care, it is a “cleansing cream for nourished skin that leaves skin clean, soft, nourished and moisturized.”   So, going back to the three ways I found how to use it:

1.) I first tried the Pond’s beauty consultant’s advise, use it after you washed your face. It didn’t work for me, the feeling on my face was super squeaky after! As if there is sebo (grease) in my skin! I just had to washed it with soap after. I couldn’t stand the greasy feeling. That moment, I’d rather have dry skin than grease.πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

2.) The next evening, I tried using it as a facial mask and let it stay to my face for a maximum of seven minutes, as per Michelle Phan. And I love the feeling! I almost fell asleep upon waiting, the cream is not literally cold, but the scent or the aroma is refreshing and cooling, it stays under my nose for minutes, I fell asleep easily after! I didn’t stop there though, I just know I have to rinse my face with a facial wash and water, of course. Yes, it still felt squeaky, but this time it’s squeaky clean… I let it dry on my face before I sleep. The next morning, my face produces more oils than the usual. What I did was again, washed my face with a regular soap to stop the shine and oil from my face. Though I admit, I felt my face smoother, too. I just don’t like the semi-greasy feeling.

3.) Third night, I decided to use it as a make up remover like YouTuber Jackie does (but with the help of a regular tissue – but using your hand is better, I just want to check how many make up and dirt the cold cream collected), then immediately wash it with a facial soap this time after, I again used tissue to initially dry my face (just pat). The next morning, the result was as not as greasy-feel as the first two options. I didn’t felt the need to wash my face immediately again the next morning. My skin was smoother than ever!

Photo 1  

Photo 2    

Photo 3

Photo 4  
(In Photos 3& 4, as you can see there is still a bit amount — just a little bit of residues that was left when I pat my face with a tissue, this is also a good point why you still need to wash your face with a soap or facial wash after, still I’m impressed, I think I like it more than a regular make up remover with oil.)

…So I guess the option number 3 works best for me, but I will still use it as a facial mask once in awhile.😷😷😷

Wait there is number 4.) I tried using the Pond’s Perfect Care Lemon Cold Cream Deep Cleanser (again as a make up and/or dirt remover) and used one of the Pond’s facial washes (Pond’s Complete Solution Acne Clear Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub) after, the next morning my face had an instant oil falls! Seriously.
However, using the Pond’s Lemon Cold Cream with other facial wash, the effect the next morning is just fine. I suggest you don’t use the same Pond’s products simultaneously. As of the moment, I stopped using a facial wash right after the cold cream, instead I used a facial soap (or any regular soap actually if you’re not so picky with the products you use for your face, I already tried using a regular soap right after the cold cream and the result was as good as the facial soap). But of course, I still uses a facial wash in the morning before I get started with the day.

Before I wrap things up, I noticed that there were make up that was transferred on the bottle of my cold cream because I put my same hand upon re-application of the cold cream to my face from this cute bottle:

The solution? I get a cotton buds or a Q-tip and remove it:


And next time I will be more careful not to transfer my make up to the bottle.😊😊😊


@HisPoutingPrincess Rates:

@HisPoutingPrincess Verdict:

This also goes with other cold creams and other facial products that there is, I hope they have a clear instruction to the people representing their product (i.e. Beauty consultant) and in the packaging itself on how to really use it so the customer won’t have to search for ways (thanks to Google!) on how to deal with the product and end up doing an “experiment.” I’m somehow blessed because my skin isn’t really that sensitive so I have the nerve to try out different ways but what if the person is dealing with major break outs and/or major skin problem? Other than that, I cannot wait to try other cold creams we have in the market. I really like the dewy effect and especially the smoothness this Pond’s Perfect Care Lemon Cold Cream Deep Cleanser delivers! I am oily (to acne skin 😒😒😒), yet there are times when I have dry patches on my face when I missed my moisturizer; but with this cold cream, even if I missed my moisturizer at night, I end up having a silky, smooth bare skin (but yes, moisturizing your face before make up is still a must, but you already know that.). So yes, thanks to YouTuber Jackie “JaaackJack” Perdue for “introducing” me to this old school essential called Pond’s  Cold Cream!


@HisPoutingPrincess Query/ies:

Have you tried using this cold cream, or any other cold creams? How was your experience with it?? I would love to hear your story.πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

Hot and cold at the same time πŸ˜›πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜‹,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)

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Old school βœ’️old-fashioned (like meeeeee!😊😊😊), traditional practices.

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