When Privileged People Are Still EVEN MORE Priveleged (Sad Reality)

So there’s this channel that gives you a once-in-lifetime chance to go to U.S.A. and watch your favourite artist on stage FOR FREE (including the plane ticket, back-and-forth). It’s every 90s baby like me ever dreamed of… I was excited when the channel finally announced how to win this OMG prize. Really, really excited! It took some weeks before it has been announced officially (you know, to prolong the excitement of every dying fans out there a/k/a the agony of waiting-but-hey-it-will-be-worth-it!), and when the revelation on how-to-win finally arrived… I cried.😢😢😢 Why? First of all, this channel provided a question that every true fan, again, I believe, like me can answer… I was like: I am this channel’s biggest fan! How easy the question is!!! My heart literally jumped out from my chest, it was a joyous moment… That lasted 5 to 10 seconds that is. How come??? The channel, in the end, said that you have to have U.S. Visa in order to be qualified to win this for-sure-will-be-so-much-amazing experience. My heart was crushed, then and there. Right in front of the television. I cursed. I was hurt. Really hurt. This probably 15-30 seconds announcement left an invisible scar in my heart, the problem with invisible scar (pain) is that it’s a kind of heartbreak that lasts longer, and probably, forever.

 (Above photo: I screencaptured from my iPhone, Credits to Google and the owners of the Las Vegas images.)

I felt so weak, I don’t have a U.S. Visa, and even if I applied for it now, one: There’s this thin chance to be granted, knowing I don’t have a stable job as of this moment (and we know how tough and strict the U.S. Embassy gets, especially for Filipinos, we are popular when it comes to ✒️TNT thing). By thin chance I also mean that I’ll be taking risk of money (I will most probably ask or borrow from my parents to use) for my U.S. Visa aplication, that again, not even sure if it’s a yes-yes situation for me. For an “ordinary” life I am living, and to the current status I have now as an individual, it’s not really wise to spend, at most, 10,000PHP. Two: Applying for a U.S. Visa can approximately take a month before your interview at the U.S. Embassy and the contest ends within a month, too. And three: It’s just UNFAIR (at least for me).
I mean, it’s seriously alright with me to spend some cash just to meet the love of my life (I mean the artist here), but the thing is… It’s better to spend for something that you are sure will really happen, and not just take a big risk (money is a big risk) because who knows what future brings? (Sounds familiar??? It’s called HOPE.) Hoping, sent me home, many times — crying. Like right now. As I hoped I could get that one dream shot left me helpless and really weak, it made me realized that sometimes, the already privileged citizens (those who have (U.S.) Visa in their hands right now) gets even more privilege (like the chance to see my favourite female artist in flesh). It’s unfair, because I am not saying by answering their question for sure I will win, huh? But because requiring the fans to have U.S. Visa first before they can join the contest (or at least be qualified to win) limits the other fans (or I believe, most of the fans) from dreaming and believing to win, kasi sa umpisa pa lang talo ka na. [you already lose the battle even before it begins.], technically speaking.

Maybe the channel want it the not-so-difficult way, because really, it will be much easier for them to deal with someone with less transaction on board, right? Less papers, less problems. Sigh.

 (Above: I screencaptured from my iPhone.
“I’m gonna be in Vegas for two more years!!!” – Britney Spears, Credits to her official Twitter account @britneyspears)


Disappointed Fan of the channel💔 but will forever be part of Britney’s Army❤️,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)


*TNT ✒️”T-ago N-g  T-ago.” (Hiding all the time); hiding from the U.S. Embassy (or other foreign embassy for this matter) because their VISA and/or passport are already expired — to avoid being deported.

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