How to Cut your Micro sim card to Nano sim card? (A Confirmation that I am a Risk-Taker)

So, last week I bought an extra sim card for my family and closest buddies; for them to have NO reason NOT to ✒️txt or call me because we’ll be under the same cellular network now (you know how call and txt, unlimited promos get these days, right?). I am using 2 cellphones at the moment, one basic phone (dual sim with only one sim card inserted) and an advance phone (with expired sim card, I use for entertainment a/k/a FB, IG, Twitter, and other social networking sites like WordPress, too). I only have a single number for about 3 years now, and I love to stick with only one to avoid confusion. But, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I bought an extra number for my beloved ones – same as their cellular network; for them not to have an alibi why they neither reply nor contact me if needed (yes my friends, I can no longer take the “Hindi kasi ako unli/ Sa _____ lang ako nakaka-reply.” ✒️L.E.L.)

So, what’s the title of this first ever blog entry I have to do with this blah-blahs? You got it! I decided to put my new sim card (or extra sim card, or sim card #2) not in my basic dual sim celly, but in my advance phone 🍏🍎. But in order to do that… I must make my micro sim card a nano one.

What is a nano sim card? See picture below.

Nowadays, things are getting either too big or too small, the sim card falls to the latter. What we thought already small and dandy, can still be innovated to smaller size. Anyways, I heard (and also reasearched) that it will cost around 50php to 100php to have the micro sim cut into (almost) half and since I don’t have any vital thing to do last time, I decided to ✒️google “How to cut micro sim to nano sim?” and the likes, I ended up watching 4 or 5 videos via YouTube (also, to save me from spending twice the amount of the new sim card I just bought). Every ending of all the DIY videos I watched says: “Cut at your own risk.” Yes, I was challenged. The word “risk” is exhilarating. I only need a fine scissor and a ballpoint pen, that’s so sisiw, diba?

But first I need a manual on how to do it, because there’s this illustration/drawing you have to put under your micro sim to measure and know where to cut this, and that edge of the micro sim card. We don’t have a printer at home (I promise today that I will have soon!😉), that was the first instruction. Have a manual by printing it, ’cause the manual is available online. I decided to do what every citizen of the whole world need to be, to be resourceful.😊

I just copied the illustration I saw in google images! Lookie below!

Then I started cutting, first just the edges or the plastic part, until all I have left was the silver and gold part.

I then get my old nano sim to compare it with my already cut sim card and I noticed that their sizes are not yet the same. (Upper – nano sim, lower – cut micro sim)

[I used iPhone 5 for all the photos here, including this (above). I guess the “macro” isn’t working in iPhone 5, so kindly bear with this quite blurry image, aight?]

I decided to cut even the metal part — but the silver metal only because I believe, the gold part in the middle should not be damage because it is the (if not only, at least the most) essential part of the sim card, this is what the cellphone reads. Notice, too that I didn’t cut the entire silver metal part, my only goal is to fit it inside the sim card holder of my iPhone 5 and/or to have the same size as my old nano sim.

Actually, I cut more than I should but the important thing is that I didn’t hit the gold metal part, because again, it is the vital part of the sim card, I just (kind of) left it the way it is.

After I finished cutting for about 5 to 10 minutes… This was it, the moment I have waited! To test my do-it-yourself nano sim card!!! I confidently put the cut nano sim to my advance phone.
Are you ready?
(Drum rolls, please!)


So you know what this means? I SUCCESSFULLY DID IT!!! Why? If the cellphone says “no sim card,” it means that the sim card was damaged and therefore cannot be read by the phone. In this case, it says,”invalid sim card” only. Meaning, my phone recognized the sim card I just put on. Only problem was, I missed the part that my phone is exclusive to one network only.

Well, I didn’t totally missed that part, before I decided to cut my spare sim, I “searched” for available networks on my phone and it did showed other networks so I assumed that it will be perfectly alright to put a sim from different network. Guess I was wrong, the notice says otherwise.

✒️Jajaja! 😂😂😂 For this I can give you 90/100 guarantee that cutting your own regular sim card or micro sim card into nano wonderfully works. Fret not, I will update this blog as soon as I have my advance phone open to all networks to check my cut nano sim card if it really works. Again, I am 90% sure it will!

For now, I just have to keep the sim card, including those parts I have cut as a temporary remembrance of how risky I can get sometimes. I am telling you, it’s fulfilling, successful or not. The fact that I did it with all excitement left me feeling stronger than ever. That’s just wow! At least for me it was and it still is.❤️

Yes, this is my first ever blog entry here, and I am über excited to share more of myself and my adventures in and outside home, even if it means I am the only reader of my blog. Jajaja!

Love Lots,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)



✒️ = I will be explaining something:
1.) Txt/Txting ✒️Short for “text”/”texting.”
2.) L.E.L. ✒️It’s just really l-augh o-ut l-oud, it’s LOL but it’s LEL (kanya-kanyang trip yan. ✒️Jeje!)
3.) G/google ✒️I think I can now start typing it with just small letter ‘g’ because it is already considered a term or other word for researching, according to my Theology professor in college.😊

4.) & 5.) Jaja(ja…)! Jeje(je…)! ✒️Yes, you’re probably thinking I am part of “✒️jejemon” species. No, but I know many people hate them, and I am not one of those haters. I don’t want to hate some group just because they express theirselves differently. As long as they don’t say bad words (and they explain their txt if ever I cannot understand it much), then we are good.

Trivia: (And) in case you are not yet aware, Spanish laughter be like “Jajaja!” and not “Hahaha!”

 [Screencaptured from Viber app stickers: Hola!]

6.) Jejemon/s ✒️They are number of people here in the Philippines (I don’t know about the other countries if they have a version of this) who replaced the letter H for “hahaha!” and “hehehe!” laughter with letter J. They replaced letters to numbers or signs and symbols, sometimes add more characters to express their thoughts deeply (i.g. “I love you so much!” to “I løV3 yøuuu Zø m4tZ!!!”), normally they apply this only on SMS.

That’s it! Good vibes only, aye?👍🏻😉👍🏻😊👍🏻☺️

© MaryAzerehtJoyPP (or MAJPP) and, All Rights Reserved from 2015 to PRESENT.


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