The Cutest but the Worst, too! (Why I Will NOT Buy Imitation Again)

I’ve found the cutest and probably the best cellphone (when it comes to its physical appearance) that describes my personality… But so far, this year, this is my worst purchase ever, too (insert super sad smiley here). As you probably notice with my wallpaper and profile photo in this blog, I am ✒kikay. I love anything girly, too cute to be true stuffs, I love pink, oh how I love pink! 💓 Especially baby pink but I love rainbow and other colours, too! I love florals, accessories, glitters, you name them all…

So that’s what brought me to this freakin’ cute flip phone!!!

First of all, I am inlove with a flip phone even waaaaay back. I always (yes, always!) imagine myself having one, whether it’ll be in pink or any other colour. Flip phone looks classy and professional to me. I did have 2 flip phones before when I was still in college, both were pamanas (one Nokia in silver, and one Motorola in fushcia pink), and I missed it so much. Anyway, so last January, my Mama and I were finding a chocolate fountain for my 27th Happy Birthday mini party, we came acrossed a cellphone store where they sell the cutest cellphones on earth! It was my Mama who saw them first, my eyes got even bigger when she pointed the phones to me, I immediately run towards the store! My Mama’s just checking, but in my mind I already plotted that I will have one… TODAY (or that day, jaja!). I did. I even asked my Mama that we should buy 2 cellphones, so we’ll have another set of “couple’s” thing (read: Hashtag Mother And Daughter Tandem); my Mama declined the idea because she said she don’t need another phone. She also reminded me that we were there for the chocolate fountain I requested, not for the phone… But Mama, it’s not just a phone, it’s a flip phone and it’s pink and it’s floral, and it even boast gradual LED (the Chanel you see in front, in the middle of the florals 🌷🌸🌹🌺) when you flip open and flip close it! So yes, like a child, who as if first time to see a cotton candy, didn’t think twice to pull out a portion of her savings, gladly give the money to the seller.

I was starstruck.⭐️⭐️⭐️🌈🌈🌈

I mean, who wouldn’t? (Below: My tablet phone VS. my android phone VS. the cutest flip phone/ cellphone on earth)

If it’s this cute, why did I regret buying it? First, let’s look at the whole package.

For 1,400php, I have a flip cellphone (model: N7) with VGA camera, a USB connector, a plug-in charger, a headset/headphone, and 2 batteries, all in white. It comes with a Chinese manual I don’t understand, it contains no translation, and a pink, floral box to wrap them all in. The kikay word of endearment is written all over it, it is so me.

The cellphone and the package that comes with it can be replace up to one week, and the warranty is up to one month. I didn’t immediately use this phone because I already have 2 cellphones that time – first quarter of 2015. I just kept the flip phone for about 6 months after I bought it and when my android phone back then started crashing, I decided to us my cute flip phone, finally.

As I used it, I feel cuter than before. There is something about having a cute stuff with you that makes you feel more beautiful, and in my case, it also adds some ✒️pink positivity in me. I really liked it. Not until after only 2 or 3 weeks I used it.

First, the battery drained faster each day. Made sense why they have spare battery when you buy a unit.

Next, the plug-in charger started working not well (it will charge, then it will not, then it charge again, then stop again) until it stopped working. I tried using the USB connector, connected it with 2 different laptops at home, both PCs didn’t read the USB connector. I also tried using other charger for the flip phone but unfortunately, the flip phone’s hole is bigger than what charger and connectors we have at home, it’s not the same size as the usual android we have these days.

Third, either the audio of this cute flip phone sucks, or the headset is the problem. When you listen to songs you downloaded, even if it sounds great in your computer or your smartphone, in this phone the sound quality is low and quite ugly. You’d rather sing your heart out and listen to yourself sing. I also tried using the headset to other phone, but unfortunately again, the headset’s connector is so much bigger than the usual.

So why I didn’t buy another plug-in charger, or USB connector so I can use my cute flip phone again? Why I just surrendered right away??

Simply because:

1.) I already accepted the fact that I supported an “imitation” phone (it’s Chanel, class C), it’s considered illegal;

2.) It’s a China phone, and in this country there are already a lot of complaints about how Made in China stuffs are not a good purchase or a waste of money and; I really didn’t need it but I gave in just because it’s so damn cute! You may notice I keep on saying it’s a cute flip phone for maybe over a hundred times now, because it really is, and that what makes my heart break apart. It’s so beautiful, but it can never be perfect.💔

3.) 1,400php could have been spent to something more important, especially I already have more than one cellphone when this happened, yet I still chose to buy a new one eventhough I didn’t really need it. It’s not right (and not wise) to buy so much more than what you needed. It’s not like I am so well-off to begin with; and for instance I am super rich, it’s still not right to buy anything and everything you find cute just because you have all the money in the world to do so, right?

Lesson learned… The cute and the hard way. I promise next time to buy only what I need, not just want. There has to be a balance between want and need, in that way, I will not regret afterwards. Also, I am saying NO to imitation. I’ll stick with the original (my Papa and Mama always taught me of that, I mistakenly disregard their advice for this, again, for the Nth time around, cute flip phone.)

I am definitely going to keep this, maybe use it as a keychain or something since it really looks like one. Jaja! Eventhough it didn’t turned out well, the fact remains it’s cute, and it will always be the cutest phone. Sorry.💗💗💗

And look! I almost forgot! It also comes with an equally cute tousled Chanel accessory.

[Oops! I’ll post the accessory later, I have to find it first pa pala.✌🏻️]

By the way, I call this cute cellphone “ChineL” (China phone + Chanel).

Love Lots,

His Pouting Princess (o’,’o)


1.) Kikay ✒️A Tagalog word equals to stylish, girly and cute like every girl have within ’em. Hihiü

2.) Pink Positive ✒️My mantra, also equals to “Think Positive.”
Let’s all pink positive! 💓 Yeah!!!😘😘😘

© MaryAzerehtJoyPP (or MAJPP) and, All Rights Reserved from 2015 to PRESENT.


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